Friday, December 22, 2006

Screaming Amy's Holiday in the Boonies!

Yes, that's right my very own sister, is here from LA for the Holidays. My kids deemed her "Screaming Amy" quite awhile back, as they have 2 Aunties named Amy & the name stuck. She is the one of the "screaming" variety. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaa.......RyRy.........Eeeeeeeeeeeee...You're soooooo cute!! (repeat with other 4 children) " Well, you's all very loving. She showed us some of her movie & TV work, it's weird to see what she does. And she's good too. Always the dramatic one.

Here are some pics of the last time all us sisters were together (Jan 2005) nearly 2 years ago. I have to preface these pics & say...well...gee...what is there to say. Except I hope none of them get sore about me posting them. Chala & I have to be the most awful models ever. And I shudder to imagine that Dad is probobly scheming to take yet another "family picture" this year. I love you, Dad!


Elaina said...

We sure know how to get together and make truly grosinine pictures.
These aren't anywhere near as bad as the AIP ones.

Elaina said...

BTW, I made you a banner! If you detest it, please pretend to like it anyway. Nyahahaha!
I love you!

theprincesses said...

snicker snicker.... you all look fab! :)

I can see why your dad is into taking family photos though, with a bunch of pretty girls like yourselves.

I tried taking some of the girls together and... it didn't quite work.

babylove said...

aww elaina thanks. I rub you!!

nina said...

Ehheh, ehheh... not funny. I sure hope I'm in a better mood the next time we take pix together (gotta work on letting Jesus shine)!

BTW, Ali, it was really good to see u & the kiddos (& of course the bros-in-law) at the Christmas Eve outdoor performance. Elaina, I missed u!

theprincesses said...

Al, I'm thinking of making one or more of your pies for our belated Christmas feast... however I don't know how to make pie crust. Can you post a sure-fire pie crust recipe for me?