Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas foodie pics

A cheese & ham scone with a pinch of dried basil.

Sweet corn bread. Sweeeeeeeeet!!

See this for “Al’s Messed Up Stuffing" recipe. Yes, well, it definitely looks like messed up stuff. See the goma? I would have to say, that goma is essential & lovely all at once.

Pear & Almond Tart. Oh Joy! My first try at a short crust. First time making a tart in general & I really did nearly eat the whole thing. That’s like, a 10” around tart pan.

In the foreground is husband’s 2nd love fresh mozzarella & tomato salad. We’re looking into getting a female lactating buffalo on Yahoo!Japan Auction so that we might be able to produce mozzarella daily. The negotiations with our neighboring home, (Bayside) is still in the works concerning her grazing in their back yard, please keep it in your prayers.

A classic winter dessert. A "serve warm" pear & raspberry cobbler. The raspberries are sweet & tart & the pears are creamy & mellow. This cobbler has a unusually crispy, buttery topping that goes perfect with a little ice-cream melting on top & a dollop of whipped cream...and you're set for a great Christmas dessert. Or at least, Elaina is, apparently!! I don't know what happened, one day she was a purely rational sweet mommy & the next she's having bouts of grabbing & shaking my arm & talking about "THAT COBBLER". I'm alarmed! I try to avoid saying the word "raspberry" or "cobbler" for fear of sending her off. Please don't show her this post!

And that's all the foodie pics I have for today. I've been ambushed by friends for the New Years and will post more about that momumental event later.


nina said...

"female lactating buffalo" --ahahahahah! Ohhh, so glad we don't hv one of those grazing in our backyard. Ben's poops are quite enough to hv to mind!

I tried not to read the post about Christmas dinner too much so I wouldn't be too envious, but then u go & post PICS! Sigh. All I can say is, that tart looks pretty, your description of the cobbler makes me hungrier than the pic of it does, & I miss your cornbread!!

Jesse Pritchard said...

You were always a great cook Alisa.
I remember the delicious dinner at Bayside of takos, that was the best home made dinner I had in the longest of times. :)

Even your quick winter stew with the interesting spices was great.

babylove said...

Nina, sorry, I wasn't trying to make you feel bad. I have a new bigger & better Corn muffin recipe from the "bad joke" bread book that was wonderful. With yougurt.

Jesse, thank you. that's so sweet. I don't remember what winter stew but, I hope the spices weren't too interesting. hee. Love you.

nina said...

I know u meant no harm -- I'm just missing your Christmas dinners. Glad the bad joke cookbk got some good use out of it. BTW, where'd u get the cornmeal, CostCo?