Thursday, December 14, 2006

Numbers of the day

- 10 mouths fed
- 9 year old girls with convincing arguments of why they shouldn’t have to…..
- 8 braids I fixed on my daughters braided head
- 7 is what time I almost started my Word time
- 6 6 & 6 is the song Travis has been singing all day
- 5 children were just put in bed.
- 4 hugs I’ve gotten today
- 3 loads of laundry, which I did with inspiration.
- 2 meals that I did with mediocrity, & not deciding till the last minute Libra style
- 1 letter of apology that I wrote today to a friend that was way way overdue
- 0 kids with broken bones

Thing I’ve done today that I hope I won’t have to do again tomorrow (WARNING: excriment story follows):

Today Travis stepped in what had to be the biggest pile of poo on this side of Chiba. No doubt by a champion Great Dane with a healthy digestive system and his consciousless master. Did you know that there is a 50,000Y max fine that you can receive for leaving your pet-poo around? At least here in Chiba! Maybe a better incentive like having the owner wear special shoes with poo smell imbedded would motivate. Apparently he stepped in it just because “I could not see if dat was poo, so I did step in it to check & it was really poo…..waaa…..I have poo on my shoes…Unco Mark!!” I took care of the unpleasentries & oh how I wished shoes were disposable along with his socks & pants (I kid you not) or that I could say his shoes were falling apart anyway, but NO they weren’t falling apart in fact they are fairly nice, or – er, were fairly nice. Yes, if you need your shoes covered in something, anything, ask my son. I guarantee a stellar performance. I hope to God he doesn't have this same attitude about other things in life, "But Mommy, I just wanted to see if dat was really a cliff & so I did fall down du cliff". Sigh!!


Flo said...

I love the way you do Travis' voice. I rejoice to see him in my mind's eye with his menacingly innocent face. If only he had a name that rhymed with menace like Dennis the Menace. (Steve would rhyme Travis and Menace but that's just because he never learned what rhyme is)

babylove said...

Flo, I'd have to agree with you on the innocently menacing face. And I'd have to say I like the sound of "Travis the Menace", sounds like Masa. What's wrong with our brothers. Sigh!! Anyhow, Josh is opposed to me calling my kids things like, "Monster, Menace" etc...

nina said...

Clever countdown there.
"9 year old girls with convincing arguments of why they shouldn’t have to…" ...Oh dear, it starts, doesn't it? At least you've got the advantage of having taught her early on to hear from the Lord to get His perspective -- that should help some.

I really did laugh out loud at the excrement story -- so much so, that I had to end up reading it to the others in the rm to ease their worries that I'd snapped & was sitting there laughing at my PC screen for no reason! I can totally hear Trav's husky, distressed voice in that quotation from him about why he "did step in the poo", hahahaha! And I doubt he'll ever do it again ...on purpose, that is.

I applaud your patience, Ali. Here's another ((hug)).