Friday, December 01, 2006


I’ve made or eaten some things that I’m itching to blog about. As for the rest of my life you will find is fairly hectic. Pressured but not Stressed! Well, at least that is the goal. Yesterday thanks to my jolly in-law “Marky-Mark” S.O & I were able to have a “rest-morning-day”. (See, where I live, that is as good as it gets when your sister has just had a baby, your husband is busy & it’s 2 ½ aduts with 6 kids, cooking, dishes, clean ups & lets not forget…..LAUNDRY!)
I choose to spend the evening drinking a bottle of sparkling wine that was hangaku & I dearly loved every drop, including the rather large drop I spilled on my favorite blanket. We watched the movie “Casanova” & I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t a soppy, ridiculous, man-fest, but had rather a somewhat humorous plot.
So after foolishly wasting 2 hours of my rest-morning sleeping in (Gasp, shameless!!), I biked to the store & picked up a loaf of still warm freshly baked French bread from the bakery & found some fresh Mozzarella that was also hangaku. (gotta love these Chiba folks) So I slapped together the S.O’s favorite breakfast of: cappuccino, eggs, French bread, tomato & mozzarella with basil, freshly ground pepper, salt a touch of balsamic vinegar & lets not forget THE OLIVE OIL. Ah yes, the olive oil. If my husband could choose one condiment to be the only condiment he could use for the rest of his life it would be OLIVE OIL. Not just any olive oil but EXTRA VIRGIN. “A little French bread with your olive oil, my dear?
What then? 1 hr of reading or rather listening to Word, 1 hour of napping with Erika & we had 2 hrs left over for going to the “2nd hand Costco Store” & a little Nativity-scene-globe-music-box-glittery-light-thingie for the kids, in as much as we have zero Christmas decorations. A quick stop at the MASSIVE warehouse-like restaurant & kitchen-ware store in Soga, where I got a much needed heavy bottom 2L pot. (THANK YOU, GOD) And we’re back in time to take the kids for round 10 of who forgot to flush the toilet.
In other news, my kids now know what a blog is & that I have one. Today at lunch Ashley said, “Mom, the crust on this casserole is so nice, you should blog about it!” Cutie!

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