Saturday, December 02, 2006

Mr. Trav Trav

My dear Son Trav will be 3 tomorrow. Whew! If you know him you'll have to agree with me that this is a major feat. He was my largest baby (4.2kgs) & 10 days early. Certainly the most active (from the womb) and adventuresome. Heck, I mean this in the best of ways but he's a Sagg, that should say a lot. He's great with figuring out any kind of equipment. He's curious & likes to experiment with things he finds, very active & gets into no end of trouble. Off the top of my head & to name a few, in the last month or so he's:

- Locked himself in the ofuro to squeeze out the toothpaste he doesn't like
- Drawn on the walls
- In hopes of a bath smeared himself with conditioner & filled up the bath
- Cleaned the toilet & surrounding area with the plunger
- Plugged & washed his own slippers in the sink after peeing on them
- Put Deodorant on every inch of his body
- Cracked his own eggs
- Stuck cars in the CD player

Travis is constantly has something that he's obsessed with & the obsession changes on a VERY regular basis. Observe: From the time we came to this house a mere 3 months ago, he's gone through the following very serious obsessions

- Blue's Clues (Can't get enough of Steve, dutifully answers every dumb question Steve asks)
- Beginner Bible Video (Must watch the opening song & all the following corny songs)
- pretending everything flat is a skateboard (Rule of thumb if it has wheels ride it, if it is flat jump on it till it breaks)
- guitar obsession (pretend everything is a guitar & jump on mommy's bed with it)
- Steve (STEM) obsession "Mommy I want to nisten to Steve music, du Enaina song"
- Present obsession coming out of the "STEM" phase & passing quickly into the "New Worlds to Discover" phase. This one is particularly scary as he walks around the house going, "So what's wrong with 666? Listen to this" or "Now I'm going to introduce you to Jennifer we're going to sing the next song together". I REALLY thought we were done with the whole "New Worlds" dance steps but obviously TIV is here to stay!!!

Well, there's too much to say about this little nut but I'll keep it short. I'm so grateful to the Lord for protecting him. He's had so many accidents but no real long lasting damage. He's not hurt anything or anyone too badly, so that's nice. And above all, though he's terribly wild & has boundless energy he is still (at times) a very loveable & gentle man. And honest too, YIKES! "Mommy, I just hit Erika, nike dis" (Shows me exactly how) "Mommy, I just dropped du cup out du window, nike dis" (Shows me how he deftly hurled the mug out the window) When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, "Umm I think maybe candy." ????? I tried again "Mmmmm (mumble mumble)" "What did you say Travis?" (Big silly smile)"Maybe I want Moneys" OK, one last time, "Is that it, Trav?" "Ummm....I just want a happy birthday".

Now that, I can try for. Happy birthday Trav Trav! We nuv you!

PS. Sorry no pics looks like Blogger is having some outage problem)


aiko said...

Haahaha! So cute! I miss him! Our Christmas performance will be lacking without his contributions this year. Say Happy Birthday to him from us. Love you.

nina said...

Aw, I love it! So Trav-the-Travesty! I hope I'll get to call him for his b'day, but he might just appreciate this better anyway. Tell him it's a little video his "friend, Nina" found him for his birthday (u can preview it b4 showing it to him in case u think he might hv a "2,1" reaction to it)!

BTW, thanx 4 making the "word verification" thing shorter -- makes it lots easier to comment!

babylove said...

He'll love it. I don't think it'll be a 2-1 situation.

nina said...

Oh, good. Sorry, couldn't call last nite -- had asthma bad. Did he have fun on his birthday?

crazynik said...

Aww Happy B'day to my Godson....fellow Sag. Hun you are a brilliant writer....mind if I link your blog to mine?
Miss you and the kids!!! XXXXX

Jo and Joy said...

I Guess TIV will live on... to the embarassment of someone really close to home, reminds me I should pull it out for my kids and point out their " DancingDaddy", A little torture never hurt anyone, I hope your munchkin has a wonderful 3rd birthday!
Love to you,

nina said...

Ooh, ooh, get this: I hv it on good authority that Trav has the same b'day as the Simon Peterson! Let him keep practicing "emceeing" those TIV songs & u just never know...

babylove said...

Aich: You'll be lucky to miss him in the show, he's nuts about "screaming/singing" (AKA: Steve style)

Nina: He had a great birthday & watched the video 3 times. Laughed a lot. We had a "guitar" cake.

Joy: Thank Jono for enduring the torture, our kids love it. I should put a clip up of them dancing.

babylove said...

Niki, Josh & I still haven't prayed about if we want more than a little attention here. I'll let you know soon, K? LY!!