Monday, December 18, 2006

Recent Pics.

Here are some recent goodies. The good photos are from Mark's camera & the lousy ones are from Josh's keitai.

Look at that stud-muffin! Ry is 5 now. And it's not every day he looks that contemplative. (Didn't I just say this about Trav? ) What a dude!!

Erika on her park-time with U. Merk. She's constantly getting stuck, falling over, eating something horrid, getting muddy etc... I think she had climbed the stairs of the slide up to there.
Ah yes, the whole gang/mob/tribe/team or what have you. That was a cold family day where we did some Christmas witnessing & went on an "exploring" drive with daddy (aka: we won't get grouchy when daddy gets us horribly lost)
Ah yes, this is the "Guitar Cake" for Trav's 3rd Birthday on the 3rd of Dec. As you can see, Travis has reverted to the chicken smile & no longer has eyes. I discussed with him what kind of cake he wanted, the runners up were: "Blues clue paw print, "T" for Travis, Mike playing drums (No, GOD!!!) Uncle STEM playing guitar (MAKE IT STOP!!) or a guitar" Somehow we convinced him he wanted this one. He liked it well enough, though it's got like, 3 1/2 pokey strings.


nina said...

Thanx 4 the pix, I dwnlded them all! Erika looks so independent standing there in the pic w/ the other kids -- how'd u get her to stay there for the pic?

I think the guitar cake is one of the cutest I've seen u make yet -- the M&M's & Pocky's must've made it fun for the kids. :)

babylove said...

She's pretty good for pics. I thought she'd be more tomboyish but she's really quite a lady, into dress up etc..
She is independant. That capricorn!! Mark seems to like it when she gets like that, has this wistful look, "Oh Erk, that's my capricorn". Sigh!! God help us!