Thursday, December 07, 2006

Post from Lani, Ashley, Ryan (A Parent time Project)

(Ashley:) This is our brother Travis, he's very surprised at the camera.

(Leilani:) He just turned three.

(Ryan:) That's our room.

(Travis:) Mommy, look at Travis' tounge.

(Leilani:) This is me peeling the cucumbers for dinner. I'm peeling them "naked". I call them that because I'm peeling off all the peels. I'm helping my Mom in the kitchen. I usually help set the table. My favorite job is to fill up the water pitcher.

(Ryan:) This is our thanksgiving night and Grandpa came over to visit with us. And he brought some chips. The best thing was the cake, I mean pie.

(Mommy:) Actually it was a cobbler, Ry.

(Ashley:) I set the table for this dinner and it was a lot of fun. When I finished setting the table I went up to watch a video. And then I heard a "ding-dong", then Ryan & I ran downstairs & we saw Grandpa at the door. The focaccia was my favorite part of the meal, not including the cobbler

(Lani:) After dinner we watched a fun movie. In the picture Travis is squinting his eyes...

(Ashley:) tight that he can't see the camera.

(Ashley:) We're visiting the museum in Aoba. We saw a picture of Charles Darwin. He's famous for Evolution. We're pointing down because we don't believe in evolution.

(Lani:) We believe in creation. That God created the World. (Can you underline things, Mom? I want to underline "God")

(Ashley:) We hope you like the blog. Hee hee hee!!

(Lani:) Eh-hum....We also had a lot of fun at the museum.

(Mommy:) OK, go brush your teeth! I'll show you the post when you're done.


Flo said...

Ahaha...that's a great post.
I especially like the part where Lani tries to underline God. That's so Lani. Lani acts a lot like Nina sometimes. I don't know why I thought that would be a Nina thing to just seems like it. I got to check out Nina taking care of her tools meticulously the other day. It was really inspiring. That doesn't have anything to do with anything...but anyway.
And Travis' comment about his tongue is genius too.
Hey I just realized. This comment isn't strange. It's actually quite normal! Well there you go, Al-pal, a normal comment for you.

babylove said...

Yes Flojo Mojo, that is indeed a non-strange comment. And yes, it was a "Nina-like" thing to do. hee. That's a compliment Nina!

nina said...

Ehh heh. Ohhhkaayyy... I'll take that as a compliment. I'd feel a little funny saying, "It's only Jesus" about it, though.

But that's beside the point: You can underline things in blogger, right? At least capitalize it for her, Ali; the faith of a child is a tremendous inspiration.

BTW, are u letting the kids read the comments?

babylove said...

Yeh, Nina I let them see the appropriate ones. I think it's good for them to practice their "writing" or should I say "dictating" skills.

Kylie said...

I LOVED this, Alisa. I'm amazed by how big all the kids are! And my first thought was the same thing, that Lani is like Nina. Interesting.