Saturday, November 04, 2006

Who Put the Cardboard in the Chicken (Sorry Mom)

Something about chicken breast just gives people the willies. Which is a shame, when some of the best chicken recipes I have are white meat ones. But we've all had our share of "cardboard chicken" experiences, I know I have! My siblings in particular can relate.

We had a dish that Mom made that we actually called "Cardboard Chicken", as a matter of fact mom eventually called it that too. "Alisa, where is the cookbook with the Cardboard chicken yatsu". When we finally got it sorted out so that she was using thigh for the "simmer for 20 minute recipe" we'd all say, "Mom, this is the best cardboard chicken you ever made". And it really was! What a Legend. I love you, Mommy!

I would say that once you loose your fear of cardboard chicken syndrome, chicken breast is great. Chicken salad: marinate, grill, plunge in ice water, slice & serve. Well, not exactly the season for summer salads, but still. I'm not ashamed to say I like to use my breasts. :)

I'm using this Fajita recipe that I found awhile ago at, I like it even though it calls for shoyu. (something about american's adding one asian ingrident & calling it a "asian fusion" is really annoying) And obviously I don't have lime (gotta pray some in, like the box of lemons we have) but my secret-weapons-of-science: liquid hickory smoke, (handy dandy & only $1.99 in the US) & 1tsp of cumin, that really is the "ticket" to this recipe. It comes out great when you really fry the meat on high heat so that it sorta sears & burns. I'm not going to do tortillas today. Too much school to do with the kids & my head aches. But beloved S.O. got red & yellow paprika & we got lots of provisioned avocado which I already turned into guacamole this AM. So I'm mildly inspired & will try to throw together something healthful.

Tomorrow it's Ashley's 7th birthday.

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