Saturday, November 25, 2006

Dylan James

Ohhhh.....Look! It's Dylan James McNair. Awwwww!! In this first picture he's saying: "I'm a McNair, YO!! You better reconize! Respeccccct YO!" Below is when Dylan screen test for LOTR, Gandalf the Grey. They said he needed more faicial hair. Oh well.
Ah yes! This picture really captures his "Rider" side. Don't you think? I can't blame Shelly for wanting to squish him with love. Sort of like Michael & and the Rabbit story. (Only Baysidians will understand this one)


ambie said...

He's beautiful. I can't figure out who he looks like...but the Gandalf discription is pretty accurate hehe.
Love you guys!

Nina said...

Oooh, the Gandalf face -- I love it! What a sweet Dill Pickle!