Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My 2 Day Breath of Air

This was one of the most needed & restful breaks I’ve had in a long time. In fact I can’t ever remember unwinding so fast & finding my “center”. Yes, I won’t wax poetic ,but words like: meditate, reflect, breathe, realize, heal – do tend to come to mind.

Highlights in no particular order:

- Lani’s reaction when she realized that her friend-of-a-boy from “OC camp” was there. Priceless! And that feeling for me of knowing she’d be having a heap of fun on her “family day” was in itself relaxing

- A room of 30 or so parents & kids eating pasta that Leika & I made, like they’d never seen a “noodle” before. It was cozy, warm, noisy & deliciously chaotic, the pasta was great. It does always seem that a slapped together meal comes out better than one meticulously planned.

- And the parmesan cheese (highlight in itself), grated but the REAL DEAL none of this craft 100% parmesan nonsence. It melted into the pasta beautifully, I was taken back. And the taste was in a word AUTHENTIC! Thanks Leika for letting me help!

- Watching Leika making "kurimu shichuuuuu". I felt so lazy but very cozy watching someone else cook. I loved that she msyteriously would add more and more to it. Broccoli, Mushrooms, Milk. And it was very good cream stew.

- Getting to tell my kids that we would indeed stay there ANOTHER night.

- A certain dance by Stever & Aiki that I shall say no more about (except that I won’t be able hear the song without borrowing a few of your moves.) And will certainly not be mature enough to "not mention" again.

- A walk at dusk with an old friend. Thank you & I hope to do it again in 2 years! And thanks to my husband who suggested it. Whatever on earth holds me back from talking to the ones I love?

- NOT being worried constantly that the kids were borred or getting into terrible mischief when I was away.

- Interprative dancing to SOE #7 on top of a certain hill in the middle of the morning. I’ve come to realize that somewhere along my path I dropped dance & movement, that's a sad day, but all too easily happened, and it's been months. And to dance like no one’s watching no less, to music no one could hear anyway; and all you “straight-hairs” won’t get this but -- letting your hair down (not figuratively) & dancing around gave me an incredible sense of freedom.

- Tirzah lending me her extra sheets that she brought like a good mommy should always do, when I convayed my horror at forgetting to pack a single one. (and I'm pretty good at inventing for emergency's sake, but you can't fake sheets)

- Windy just happening to give me extra diapers for my Monster who seemed to repack his backpack with an electric guitar & toss the diapers out before we left.

- Sitting in the kitchen with a few other parents before the dinner rush & just….well, honestly just sitting there.

- Travis hogging the attention of a group of ladies while we were in our van & mobbed while waiting for someone to come. I felt like the traveling freak show with my children screaming “STEEEEEM” like cornballs. And Travis doing & saying what he knew would mortify me. Sigh! Yes, I do love him but REEEEALLY!

Well, all in all it was just what I needed, and I am thankful for every moment of it, as I do believe I shall take up dancing like a stark raving lunatic again. Just not on a hill, if I could even find one.


theprincesses said...

Oh but you forgot the CHEESE in the "kurimu shichuuuuu". :)

The pasta WAS delicous and the company great.

babylove said...

Oh-my-gosh, how could I forget! There was indeed cheese. I knew I was forgetting something. Gosh, it was yummy. It's one of those things that I'll remember years from now, "Leika's Kurimu shichuuu"

Ray Monk said...

I'm glad you ate a good meal at the HCS, and I'm even GLADER that Karii ate...last time I made it she was pregnant and did not like it. I remember that! This is a very fun Blog, TY!

Nina said...

It was a refreshing time, indeed, thank the Lord!

And by all means, don't stop dancing -- actually the kids wld probably love it if u wld dance like that around them sometimes!