Thursday, November 09, 2006

I See Pies of Green

When you get a box of avocados you know you have a time limit before they’re useless. So when we got ours I got to searching & learned a few new things on avocados.

1) Hass Avocados (the kind that we got) are the best for guacamole
2)Did you know some Native American tribes in the Southwestern US added avocado to their mix of adobe? Nasty!
3) You can freeze avocados for guacamole (just mash the avocado & add lemon, the rest of the ingredients go in when you take it out to defrost)
4) If you’re not a guacamole fan then this recipe for Avocado Salsa is great & a little easier on the creaminess that guacamole offers.
5) Avocado milk shake is still my favorite use of avocado (blend: 1 avocado, 1 frozen banana, @ 3/4 c. of milk, a shake of salt, 2 tbsp honey, tsp lemon & ½ c ice)
6) Avocado pie is pretty good, I dare say!
7) beer batter fried avocado will be my next avocado conquest

Yeah, you heard me, avocado pie! I tried it & most of us liked it. I searched various recipes & they generally all have the same basic ingredients. So I fused a recipe together & here it is. It’s ultra creamy. A few people said it almost tasted like banana??? Don’t ask why. The only one of my kids who didn’t like it was Ashley. Her subtle criticism was, “Mom, really nice CRUST!”, thanks Ash. It’s a sort of summer pie I’d say, but fun & surprisingly good. Try it…you just might like it.

Avocado Pie:

1 (9-inch) prepared crumb crust
1/2 cup fresh lemon juice (lime would’ve been more exotic I’m guessing)
1 envelope unflavored gelatin (that’s about 2 ½ tsp gelatin)
3 medium-size very ripe Hass avocados*
1 (14 ounce/390g.) can sweetened condensed milk
1/2 cup heavy cream (to top pie with)

Mix gelatin with lemon juice & wait 5 minutes till soft. Mash avocados with condensed milk (or blend if you have a blender, I don’t right now) Microwave lemon/gelatin for 30 sec. till dissolved add to avocado till blended. Fill pie shell & chill for at least 2 hrs till set. (I would also bet that it would taste even better frozen?) Serve topped with whip cream. El yummola!! Ole!!


Nina said...

Wow, I wish I knew about these recipes last week, when we got our box! As it was, we just went overkill on avocadoes in our salads, & used the rest of it like sashimi w/ shoyu & wasabi. 8D

But next time, I know where to look for avocado ideas: "Hey, Josh, forget about buying more cement -- we hv avocadoes."

Aich said...

hmmm. I saved my avocados to make this, then I went out to buy the stuff for it and I added it up in my mind and it would have come to about 1500 yen and I didn't have time to look around for better prices. So I settled for making guacamole. At least it went around and everyone got stuffed on it.

VANS family said...

Al,just wanted to remind you about posting the recipe for Marshmallo pie! Take note everyone, this is the best pie I've ever tasted. At least when Alisa makes it! XX!

babylove said...

Vesna, it's IRISH CREME PIE!! Not marshmellow! Hee. That really takes away from the classy feel. It's OK! I'll try to do it soon