Saturday, November 18, 2006

Close Encounter of the Childbearing Kind. (AKA: how close can you get to seeing a baby be born)

I’ve always lamented that I’ve never been to a birth…well, besides my own. Now I can keep lamenting. Yesterday, was the closest I’ve ever gotten. My brand new nephew was born yesterday (Nov 17th, 10:37am, 3.7kg) I dove out of the van & walked into the midwife’s house, knocked on the birthing room door & what do I see but my sister looking all smiley & particularly un rumpled or phased other than a euphoric smile, sitting there with a brand new squishy baby. I came in literally 1 minute after he was born. Shucks! I missed it! But I sure am thrilled it was that quick. Here’s a description of their labor. I called on the way there & talk to Mark.

Me: Mark, how’s it going? We’ll be there in 15.
Mark: (Sounding like he’d gotten less sleep than normal) She’s OK, she’s doing good.
Me: Is she in transition yet?
Mark: I dunno, just a sec. Honey, are you in transition yet? (Pause) She said she needs to push, yeah, I think she’s in transition.

What a swell guy! Well, I’m an auntie twice over. And pictures will be forthcoming. As is traditional the pictures directly following the birth should be taken from odd angles & of useless objects like the zabuton, an elbow of the baby, or the midwifes left foot, something about the excitement of the moment seem to produce the worst pictures imaginable, or none at all.
As for me, I was just thrilled to be at my favorite midwife NOT having a baby for once. All the kids are excited & all the parents are drinking extra coffee of tea or what have you. Thank you everyone for your prayers, they worked wonders. And thank you so much Nina for coming over in our hour of need, which sadly was 3 in the morning. Travis asked me this morning if "Nina, my friend" was going to be with him today. Thanks Dad for driving us all around. It did give me the good old cozy feeling of having you there for us when we need you. Thanks Grandma Merry, for coming over. The kids are really thrilled to have you here. Pictures of Mr. Mark Jr. coming soon.


crazynik said...

I'm just wondering when you were going to let me know you had a blog...
(insert mad face here) um...and we're supposed to be best friends (another mad face) ARGH....spankings are in order Al
I stumbled on here by accident but I'll be back, I promise.
Love to you and all the kids

VANS family said...

Oh I'm so happy to hear everything went smoothly and that you were able to get the help you needed! Dylan looks so much like Mark, not much of mom yet. He has the same mouth as Michelle. I thought his eyes and brows looked a bit like Travis, don't you think? Very pensive.

Nina said...

I'm Trav's friend, sweeet!!

I may hv forgotten to relate to u the story of when I was taking him to the bathrm at the school, & there was this heavy, round, brownish-purplish beach rock up against the door, holding it open. He took one look at it & asked me, "Why is that dog poo-poo there??"