Saturday, November 11, 2006

Potty training & TEMPUUUURRRRRRRA (and no this is not about the two at once)

Ah, yes! Travis quickly pee’d his way through 7 pairs of training pants today. Mark’s patience is ever magnificent. He doesn’t seem easily phased & just goes for the next pair of trainers. Praise God for patient men! The funny thing is Travis will stay dry longer if he’s running around naked than if he’s in a diaper.

I used the worlds worst tempura batter recipe today, I’ve never used tempura batter with egg, & this recipe called for putting the dry ingr. into the wet, IT DIDN’T WORK, DON'T DO IT! Well, that & I was really not eager to deep fry. It is my second time deep frying since I came here and with the shoddy tempura batter it just felt wrong. Somehow it felt so yucky! It pleased the hungry masses good enough. Oh & LNF, if you make avocado tempura the texture is quite like ebi-tempura but a really good quality not overcooked soft ebi, without the ebi taste, not bad. I was quite pleased with that, at least. But horrified to see how much tempura people eat, I was sure I had O.D-ed but oh-no, they at it ALL! I can’t stand to think of it. I must shower myself now.


Nina said...

So does that mean you're supposed to mix the wet ingredients into the dry? Deep frying always feels yucky for me; made karaage last night & the oil kept spitting in my face. I've come to the conclusion that u must be of a certain height to be able to pull off deep-frying painlessly, & I'm just under that height.

Nina said...

On potty-training, I saw this link in my Gmail side ads (I really don't know why, it was totally irrelevant to the email I was reading), Potty Training in 3 Days, which caught my attention, & I thought it was pretty interesting, but u hv to buy the e-book, so I googled the author's name, & came up w/ this list of short Potty Training Articles which I thought u might be interested in, though you're probably doing just fine w/ such a patient guy as Mark around.