Friday, November 10, 2006

A few pics

Here are some random pictures:

Trav in “Handsome-Bandsome-Boxer-Briefs”.

Seriously, I don’t care what it is as long as it motivates him. He’s taking a longer time than my other kids to potty train. Thanks Aich for the underwear. They’re his favorite & he really is devastated to see them ruined. “But Mommy…..I just didn’t tell you that I had to” (This is only funny if you know what Travis sounds like when he talks)

Eurika! Don't she look like some kind of rodent?

This lady just started walking today. Well she could take a step or two since about 3 wks ago but today when no one was looking she just decided to walk off. Splended really! Well, for today it’s splendid. By tomorrow we’ll all be wondering where in the house she is.

This is what Travis does not look like. A pensive, contemplative & sensitive youth. As a matter of fact I think this is studious look is positivly PS-ed.

Ah, Yes & here is Urka with her favorite "Uncle Mark", OK, it's her only Uncle Mark.

Dear Uncle Mark managed to scare away the neighbor mothers who saw him ride into the park on this day & thought he was a weirdo because he sat at the picnic table waiting for us to show up at the park in the van. Poor fella. We talked to them later & Aich called him over to say hello & put their fears to rest. Typically Japanese they appologized for even thinking that he could be a weirdo. Gee, I'd say good for them for being alert. I'd be scared of Mark too if I didn't know him.

And that's all for now! Oyasuminasai.


theprincesses said...

Hey Al,
Great to see you're blogging!
I think Trav looks like Josh in his "shepherd boy" days in that posed photo. :P

Mia has something to say, so I'll let her take over now. We all send lots of love!

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love love i love you from mia

Aich said...

Ahh, yes, the scary man. He WAS playing with a freaky looking doll...I'd be scared too. His eyes were also bloodshot. yikes.

Nina said...

Trav looks like he's watching a video. :P

Love that first pic of him: "The boy must grow to be a warriorrr!!"

Nina said...

BTW, congrats on Erika walking -- it starts! She must be happy.

ambie said...

Erki berki!!! I miss the bebe. Jude says hi and sooooo cute :D :D