Wednesday, December 03, 2008

It's that Man's Birthday AGAIN!!

Random thought on about my December Man Child!

Once upon a time a very round mommy gave birth to a very round baby. To be sure, no one knew why a 10 day early baby could look quite so huge. At 4.2 kgs (9.2 lbs) the midwife had too much fun snapping pics of the "biggest umbilical cord" she'd ever seen & a placenta nearly 2 kgs. (4.4 lbs) that she desperately wanted to pass around to all present. :)Did the kids gather round and adore his TINY little hands & feet?.....well....they gathered round alright to observe the time honored tradition of "Baby goes kuro-goma paste poo through 3 layers of clothes & pees on mommy & onlookers" while kids are scard for life & will never spawn.

Did we intend to make him look like a giant egg-head? No we did not but somethings just can't be helped. The round fat baby was at his best when he was in a loud room. Where the action was, there was the Travis also. Watching the action was alright until he was about 3 months, then he had to BE the action as well....and things got a bit more complicated.
One fateful day at 6 months he was standing, we were in denial. 7 months, he began to walk. I pretended I didn't notice & prayed it was just a phase. know how that goes. Next thing you know he's climbing the stairs.
There came a moment of Revelation for me when he was 10 or 11 months & we took a walk to a park more than a km away. He ran there and (I wish I was joking) but he ran back as well with short breaks where he'd collapse & sit on the ground for a moment & then get back at it. It was one of those moments when you try not to make eye contact w/ your husband & inevitably when you do, you're like, ".....YOUR SIDE OF THE GENE POOL!!"
At this point we also looked into a toddie leash. (We never did do it, couldn't get him to hold still for long enough)

Story that comes to mind when I think of his pre-walking stage: Seeing Benny trotting through the hallway with 6 mo old Trav sliding along with him becasue he's clutching so tightly to his fur & just won't let go. This is the "Chicken Smile" phase. If you get it, you get it. Don't get me started on the 'fro, though. He will probably never live it down & when he's 19 over the hill, well-meaning friends of mine will go, "Hey Trav, I remember you, give us a Chicken Smile?"

Story that comes to mind when I think of his 1's: Us running around Walmart looking for him in a half panic. He's on the other end oblivious, running around with two rolls of wrapping paper in his hands like baseball bats.
Yeah, there's that Chicken Smile again. (BTW, whose gonna step forward & claim rights for thinking of that title? Elaina?)

This is the kid that my friends would always tell (sadly) true, bizzare stories about & sigh wistfully, "I'd just LOOOVE to have a kid like Trav". (Strangely, when I'd offer to send him over for the weekend I never did get any takers). If it weren't for this Mark-in-law, we'd still be rebounding from pent up energy left over from his TERRIBLE (and by that I DO mean TERRIBLE) two's. Mark is responsible for teaching him to sumo wrestle, pillow fight, ride a bike with one hand, jump off the top bunk & play "Extreme Tickle War". I owe you one, man!

Don't ask me why, but if I was to sum up his 2nd year in one incident it would be this: I come into the dining room and a certain "Gene-ious" is sitting on the table, bowl of instant ramen in hand, psychotic look of glee on his face. My son is running around the table full speed, hair & fat little body wet with sweat & without a shirt.

"Gene, what are you doing to my son?"

"Shush, shush.....he's almost at 60......Come on Travster!!.....YES!! 60!!!"

Did he do it 100 times, I'm afraid he did.

The secret to keeping a guy like this busy? Changing it up! If it's a challenge, he's on it. If he can't do it yet, you're off scott-free for at least a 1/2 hr till he figures it out.

Is he just about the action? No way! He's bound to be anything & everything when he grows up. And I'm not about to tell him he can't. To name a few he's been:

- break dancer, cook, skateboarder, Lightning McQueen, bobsledder, baseball player, Michael Phelps, contemporary dancer, naked drummer, ballet dancer, Steve Mcnair, compulsive duster & sweeper, basketball player etc etc etc.....Truth be told, I was always a bit afraid of having a high action kid, I'd look at other parents with energetic kids & subconsciously think they were doing something wrong. And in case you look at me & think that, you're probably right! But, I'll never look at the "happy kid" in a family like that again. Honestly, If I tell you I'd take your hyperactive boy or crazy tomboy daughter for the weekend.......I do mean it! :)


Kari said...

Oh I laughed so much reading this one Al'! Trav ROCKS, I mean, you just can't make up stories like that. :)

Leika said...

Haha, such sweetness! I did thoroughly enjoy that one too. See if you just might get the most hits for this post!

Nina said...

Good grief, I actually forgot how Trav looked as a bald baby! I was glad u posted those curly-haired pix of him, tho', 'cuz I didn't hv any from that time where u can see it in all its glory!

Give the Trav-ler tons of love from me! I hope it works out that we can go over again soon.

Lil said...

gorgeous boy - and great post! I'm sure he'd love to read it as soon as he learns how (probably by 3 years of age :)

Babylove said...

Lils, he actually turned 5 :) And he's on the long winding road to reading.

crazynik said...

oh this was an awesome post hun. I remember Trav during the "terrible two" years...they were quite the special memories...
I hear that a lot of Sag children are like that :) lol.
Happy Birthday to the little guy.
Love you and miss you xxx

Mark said...

That Trav Bav, what can I say... Good times those were. That guy has got more energy than any kid I have ever known. Imagine, a 15min run to "Doors Park", then a half hour of "Shark Game", where I would growl and howl and chase everyone all over the place. Then its "lap time" and off he would go around the whole park. (Tennis court and baseball field.) I of course, would be yelling "go Trav", "be the wind", "go lighting" etc. Then its time for home, and another 15 min run/jog home.
I think the craziest thing he ever did was take his bike (with training wheels) down the hill at the park with the big slides. I only noticed him when the other Japanese boys started pointing at him wildly. I turned around to see him speeding down the hill. He had that almost comical look of terror and I was yelling "hold on trav", poor guy he freaked and jumped off, grabbing a sign he was passing. All that to say he flew spun and rolled to a stop. I made it to him by then and he got up crying but more or less unhurt, thank the Lord. All the kids who saw it thought he was crazy and you'd think he would be a little put off on riding after that but he just wouldn't stop.

I think he got his craziness from me and Gene and his skills from his dad. He is a manly man and my fav. Winsome and charming, ridiculously strong and fierce, and I wish I had half of his determination. You can't help but love the guy. Tell happy Birthday for me kay.

Nina said...

Mark, u & Gene may hv contributed to the craziness, but trust me, he was crazy b4 he even met u, haha! That was a pretty freaky story, tho'; gd thing he bailed instead of crashing to his doom!

ditzydevil said...

YAY. im super happy to know that you won't look at my son (Daichi) with mean thoughts in your mind towards my parenting. Active kids are such a handful but they deliver just as much love as they do terror!

Babylove said...

Kari: It is true, you can't make things up about Trav. Yesterday (Day after his B'day) he rode home on Erika's bike alone when I turned my back for a second, needless to say, there were many strong words when we got home.

Leika: You're probobly right.

Nina: He was certainly crazy before Mark & Gene but I think if it weren't from them I may have not channeled his crazyness properly.

Niki: Ah yes, the Sag child. I am very happy I had one though. :) I don't think I've ever experienced such exuberance.

Mark: I remember "Be the wind"!! ha ha! I forgot about some of those stories. :) Poor you. I remember being a little shocked when you'd come home & calmly tell me over lunch, Esp about the biking down the hill.

Ry: Yeah, those active kids are great & keep you on your toes. Pouring into them is a challenge for sure.

Person whose comment I deleted: Sorry, my blog, my button. Please share you comment personally or in a different venue. TX

Crazy People said...

I get those 'you're doing it wrong' looks from people all the time. They just don't beleave that some kids are born that way. I'm sure they think I'm secretly feeding him coffee beans.

I'm a little scared now we're heading into round two! I'm hoping for a nice peaceful child, surly I'm owed?

Aich said...

Oh this one made me laugh, Al! Great post!