Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Catering

I got to help Mark & Fumie with their Christmas Party, and boy did I get close to actually eating food this time......I was even there when people piled into the dining room & were oogling to goodies. Oh well, maybe next time.
I lost some pictures when my SD card gave up the ghost but I recovered enough to show off a little friendly experimentation. Hope everything came out OK. I didn't even have time to taste some of the things I made. Lemmie know if you were there. Chala? Mas? Anyone? (you spoiled people who are nursing "Christmas Stomach" syndrome.

So here are a few pics of the fruits of my labor!
Molasses Spice Cookies (Recipe comes from "Pioneer Woman")

Cranberry Sauce with orange juice & maple syrup. Godly & Fine, it was!

White chocolate, cranberry, macadamia nut cookies.

Chocolate Gingerbread with Rummed Fruit and Ginger infused cream, which I adored. (Dorie Greenspan recipe)
Cornbread, sausage, cranberry, raisin, pecan, walnut stuffing!
Brown sugar, Maple syrup, soy-sauce, orange, bayleaf, pepper corns & garlic brine.

The turkey which giveth his life for the merry makers. No picture of the finished thing but it's just as well I think something of the brine (shoyu) made it brown much faster than I wanted it to so by the time I covered it (& it cooked for another 4 hrs it looked like a gaijin who spent too long at the beach)
Trifle of love for a certain Brit.
Check out the nifty display stand DH got at the 2nd hand costco store for 1000Y

Creme de Mente Pie. Took me ages to find "M&M" like candies to put on top.

Here's the chocolate gingerbread cake. BTW, those stars are made of dried ginger -- powerful potent stuff.
And that's it for now!


Dawnchan said...

That mint cream pie is calling my name!! Alisa, pleeeease come and cook for our Christmas dinner.

Babylove said...

I have the recipe up here, it's a really easy recipe for pretty much any yummy alcohol with oreos (for the crust) marshmallows a little bit of milk & whipcream, best part, you can freeze it & make it waaay in advance.

Crazy People said...

That all looks so good, you're a legend.

Nina said...

Next time I think u ought to make extra (like a few servings worth) & save it in the fridge for when u get back. (Seriously, 1Tim.5:18.)

I felt bad that u did all that work & even cooked dinner for us to heat at home, & then u got back way after dinner & after catering a feast all afternoon, ended up having a late meal of salad & cheese toast. :(

Babylove said...

Yeah, Nina you're right. What I really wanted after all that was a turkey sandwich. Maybe next time. Looking forward to our BIG C'mas dinner.

象さん said...

Hey there.
Imagine if you could fill everyone on the salad and cheese, exactly how much you could eat when you got home?

Kari said...

I love that display, it shows off your work so nicely!