Saturday, December 13, 2008

And the Cookie Muncher is.......

Before I tell you who won, I thought you should know you've got me itching to make a whole lot more Christmas goodies now. And I'm also growing more & more curious about Christmas Pudding!

I also thought that giving a measly 9 cookies seemed a little skimpy so I figured lets have 2 Cookie muncher winners!

So we put the names in a box


Winner Number 1:

Winner Number 2:

So there you go. Congrats Ladies & your cookies are on the way. I already have your address, Dawn. Send me your address Elaina & they're on the way!
PS. Tx to everyone else who played along, I got your favorite dessert now, so come & visit! :)


Dawnchan said...

OMG! This completely unexpected surprise has totally made my week. Thank YOU, Al and Kiddos!! oooh, I'm so excited...can't wait.

Elaina said...


(That was my happy scream.)

Come to me, sweet cookies, and I will care for you.

Elaina said...

In my frenzy (ungrateful ex-leper) I forgot to say thank you, Al, and LANI.
Also, I'm quite, quite tickled to see that you still use the plates from the park (!!)

Kari said...

LOL, I like your happy scream Elaina. Congrats to both of you!

Nina said...

I love the face Lan's making, holding A. Elaina's name, heheh!

Leika said...

Somehow, I'm not as good a sport as Kari and Nina...Dawn, can we visit this week? ;)

Babylove said...

Don't be too happy till you get them Dawn & Elaina.

Nina: Lani was all "tense" from me having to ask her to hold it still, hold it still & face it the right way, no the other way.....sigh!

Nina said...

LOL! Poor child, she's got her aunt's complete lack of coordination & sense of direction; maybe she needs to practice w/ computer games, heheh.