Saturday, December 06, 2008

Christmas Cookie Give Away!

That's right you heard me!

In the spirit of Christmas giving, I'm going to give away a box of cookies to ONE happy random person. This box will consist of: 3 cardamom orange cookies, 3 ginger spice cookies, 3 white chocolate & rum fruit cookies. (Don't tell my DH, he's terribly possessive about these last babies)

And all you have to do is post a comment with your heartfelt answer to this question:

What is your favorite Christmas dessert?

There is no wrong answer. (Unless you're the guy who says wasabi & mikan pudding) When the time limit is up I'll have my kids randomly pick one person to be the happy winner. There are only a few simple rules to this give away:

- (As much as I hate to do this) It's only going to be eligable for people who reside in Japan
- This giveaway starts NOW & ends Dec 12th (11:00pm, Japan time)
- Please don't comment more than once

Winner will be announced Dec 13th.



Leika said...

Oh, I might be the first to comment, I am also terribly fond of the white chocolate ones. Favorite Christmas dessert...(trying to think of something your kids MAY agree with me on...) never mind, will go for tiramisu.

Kari said...

Favourite Christmas dessert?

In my book nothing tops well aged traditional Christmas pudding, brandy, custard and all. :)

Lil said...

Too bad I'm not in Japan, those cookies sound like the perfect prize...but my favorite christmas dessert (if it can be classified as a christmas one) is a simple vanilla icecream topped with some cranberry sauce and melted chocolate

Vesna said...

Ooh sounds like fun!
Well...I love pies! It's hard to choose just one but what totally won my tastebuds is Irish creme pie!
What is Tiramisu Leika?

crazynik said...

Argh that is so not fair. I was going to try the "it's my birthday" sympathy card to see if I could win this one. LOL

Mary said...

Ooooh I want cookies. Those sound like the ones you gave me when you came over here a year ago.
I agree with Vesna; Christmas means pies (well, and cookies of course)..I think I would have to say pumpkin pie.

Mark said...

A well aged brandy fruitcake. Yumm!

Anonymous said...

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My Family Blog said...

I like Tiramisu. First time I ate it was at SC, you made one for my birthday and Oli brought it back for me from your home, one happy day! :-) Ever since then I fall in love with it! Time to time Oli will get me one at 7/11, but its just not the same... Kari made a good one at Seiko's wedding too, and the last time I had another was this year's birthday, Aron at MP3 made me one for my birthday!Yummy, yummy! :-) Lily

Nina said...

That's such a tough question! Dessert, dessert... does EGGNOG count? I gotta admit, I'm a sucker for Irish Creme Pie, too.

Tell my loving nieces & nephews that I won't be sad if they don't pick me, because I know I'm gonna get to go see them, & that's better than a box of cookies (no offense to your cookies ;).

Might I add, this was an ingenious way to attract comments -- but u knew I'd comment, regardless, heheh.

Elaina said...

My favorite Christmas dessert is the same as my favorite any-time-of-the-year dessert.
Raspberry cobbler to the bitter end.
Real butter and almond essence.
Crispy on the outside and smooshy in the center.
With vanilla ice cream.
I'm afraid it's a long-term love affair.

Junior said...

Wow thats a cool thing to do with the kiddos. I guess I am into the pies as well, cherry pie is the one at this moment, love those, mmmmmmmmm. Have a Very merry Christmas

Jesse said...

Chocolate cake. Yum yum.

Dawnchan said...

Now, I've never actually eaten it, but I have no doubt that if I did, my all-time favorite would be a Christmas Plum Pudding.

Elaina said...

BAD Amaranthine.
There will be absolutely NO cookies for you.