Friday, November 07, 2008

Our Little Outing!

Hey-howdy-hey! Howz it? Everyone snuggly warm in their fuzziest sockies & totally uncool & comfy PJ pants? I know I am.

I just wanted to put a couple of "happy making" pictures of our visit to my sister, brother in law & darling little niece & nephew.

We had a lovely little late evening dinner with a cozy group of friends who seemed to have stomachs like the bottomless pit. Everyone contributed with the cooking. Aaron made some sweet pizza with stuffed cheese & sausage crust. Fay made some awesome pasta with plenty of hot pepper. Ryan made some uper yummy cream desserts based on the "Grasshopper Pie" method but with different liquor (I forgot!). And I went & experimented on everyone by bringing 2 snackies I'd never made before, Applesauce spice bars & caramel pumpkin pie. They were (in my opinion) mediocre & the only thing that I can see myself making again is the caramel from from the pumpkin pie. It blew my mind with it's awesome burnt caramel taste.

Oh, I mustn't forget that my sister made a grape sorbet that she didn't serve that night. (Sorry, fellas) She served me a nice bowl full before we left. This was some classy well thought out stuff. If I remember correctly, simmered down grape juice, sugar, cream, egg whites....anything else? The home made grape jelly was the clincher. Great Stuff, Elaina! I mused to her that it'll probably become a sisterly tradition to make ice-cream for each other when we have visits. (The last time she came I made her some Olive oil ice-cream)

The kids had a great time with their cousins & the highlight was the animals at "Aguri" park. (love that name) Here are a few pics.
Feeding the rabbits grass.
Bansome feeding the goat leaves. Trav loved the goats, there was nothing those goats wouldn't eat. We had to stop him when he was gearing up to throw cans in there though. Truly animals after his own heart.
Daddy feeding the horrific looking pig smooshy bananas. If you can believe it somehow it managed to only eat the inside & leave the peel. A pig with manners? Groooooosss!
I'm seriously re-thinking bacon & ham now!Shelly & Erika!


Mark said...

It was great having you guys. I hope you can make it for Dilly's B-Day next week.

Nina said...

Aha, that's what they were saying about "smooshy bananas," haha!

And that last pic of Urka & Chelly is lovely - wish it was full-size.