Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Can We Make It? Yes We Can!

So one upon a time, my handy-dandy sister who is the culprit of all things daring/brazen & bizarre in the kitchen asks me if I'd try this ice cream. Wonder of wonders I happened to stumble across this person's blog already when looking for Lebanese recipes and it just happened to be when she was on a deadly 20 days of ice-cream "thing"! (shied your eyes, ice cream fans)

Well, I finally found the time and with a little help from my friends we did indeed make Olive-oil Ice cream.

It was a basic custard/cool/churn recipe. Which you can find here. I slapped the custard together while making dinner. This is it in it's baby stage. See, check out the olive oil, all glistening & golden on top.
I must be honest & say that I did try the balsamic chocolate sauce. But it was a bit of a boo-boo. (scratch that it was a raging, hard core, painful, catastrophe.) I think that when it says "good quality balsamic vinegar" it really does mean that. Check the label. When your vinegar has "caramel color" in it, it's not a good sign of quality. Or it could have to do with the fact that my baby just happened to have a massive poopy & I washed & changed him & came back to a sulfuric-nose-biting mess. (hey, if you want a real thrill, take a big nose-whiff of boiling balsamic vinegar. GOOD MORNING!) that went down the drain.
Of course the best part about this venture is the fact that my sister coincidentally happened to come by & visit the very morning that I happened to complete it with the kids. We got this ice cream maker last year but only used it twice.Here they are looking all useful & solemn.

"I'm useful"

"I'm solemn"Not everyone wanted to churn......somebody wanted to climb into the sink!The result was a shockingly great flavor, everyone who tasted it thought it had a nutty aftertaste, so once Elaina showed up we chopped up some walnuts & mixed it in. And while the daddies & Uncle Dan-dan got sun-stroke at the park with the kids -- sisterly love continued in the air-conned dining room where two happy ladies indulged in a good chat & some nice Olive Oil Ice-cream.

.......and they all lived happily ever after! (of course the kids got some too)


Kari said...

ooh yummy! That looks divine.

Anonymous said...

Thats the best HOME MADE ice-cream I've seen in my life... I'm sure the taste was better than store bought ice-cream. OISHISOU!!!! drool drool...

I like the picture where daddy is bending over to talk to the baby. so cute.


Elaina said...

Al, that ice-cream was so excellent.
I can't even talk about it.
I might cry.

Mark said...

Soooooo Goooood!!!!!!

Nina said...

Wow, it really came out pretty, & I heard it tasted amazing, too! I'm consoling myself w/ the fact that I...was...out there, & did quite gorge meself w/ your catered goodies, so I hv nothing to uh, bellyache about.

Loved the "useful & solemn" churning part w/ the kids - made me laugh! And might I suggest making chocolate-covered sea salt to go w/ the ice-cream next time, in place of the Balsamic "Good Morning Sauce"? 'Course, I don't know if it's any easier to come by good quality sea salt than it is to come by good quality balsamic vinegar, but I thought I remembered u had some...

babylove said...

nina the salt in the recipe is like 2000Y per 100g. but I suppose you cld try sea salt