Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Helping Hands!

So my 2 yr old January girl was crouched down in front of the tupperware cupboard with the rice cooker. My instinct was to get grouched out with her getting into things but I tried to muster my last smidgen of patience & ask her nicely:

"What are you doing, Miss?"
"I'm doing the left-overs".
"That's really nice of you"
"I'm finding a lid now"
"Good idea!"

she then gets a stool to reach the fridge door & put it away, & continues her "play by play" on her helpfulness.

"OK, I'm putting it in the fridge now, Mommy"
"Mmmm-hmmm!" (Notice I'm real big on communicating w/ my kids after a loooong day)

So after finishing up on the rest of the dishes I look in the fridge & find this on the bottom shelf nice & neat..... Yes, that's a total of 37 grains of rice in a tupperware.

I know this is one of silly posts that has absolutely no meaning but I just thought it was the funniest thing at the time.


Lil said...

ahaha that cracked me real good. And she's only 2!? how clever..

Nina said...

Hilarious! And she actually managed to get every last bit out of the cooker? (I liked the way she decorated your mixer, BTW!)

Lils, she'll be 3 in Jan., but, heheh, she is clever, isn't she?

Mark said...

Such a sweet heart.

Elaina said...

Responsible Cuzalina!!!!
I love it when kids do those things, like setting a massive ramen bowl of water on your computer desk...with one infinitesimal flower floating in it.
So meticulous and ridiculous and sweet.