Friday, November 07, 2008

A Few Random Cooking Tips for Your Viewing Pleasure!

Simple but deadly snackie to make with cold unappetizing LO french toast: Cut into strips, deep fry & toss in brown sugar & cinnamon. (Don't try it!....I mean it!!)

Too lazy to cut your biscuits or don't have a biscuit cutter, cutting them into wedges or squares is rustic & ridiculously cool looking.

Give the kids something to do by having them roll out Focaccia dough to make bread sticks. (after the 1st rising). Brush w/ Olive oil, sprinkle w/ herbs or seeds. Bake for 10 min (for soft) or 15 (for crusty) at 200c. Give permission for kids to play with their food because they will anyway.

Use a strainer to strain your cream of celery soup & you'll get a clear smoother textured soup. Ohhh...... baby!!
Will post something of worth when I get the time to take a shower & vacuum.


Nina said...

That's cream of celery? Wow, I can't even make out the barest hint of green!

Elaina said...

Too...many...good foods that I know...the good taste of.
The breadsticks! The cream of celery! The deep fried cinnamon brown sugar french toast....!
urk urk!
I'm going to go raid a hapless fridge now.