Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Hard Day's Hunting!

How can you not love this little guy! But for all his smiles & giant slobbery "AWAAA"s, he is somewhat of a Hunter. His exploration phases are always short lived but intense. Ranging from emptying the video cupboard contents into the mikan box every 1/2 hr for 2 days to trying to jump into the kitchen sink via the counter. Examples: I cleaned the house one night & found no less than 12 potatoes around the house in various random locations, two remote controls were found in the garbage.

It's hard to find useful things for a 1 year old to do esp when you have your hands full with 5 others but we're working on it. Here are a few other phases (pics taken in the course of about 5 minutes):

Emptying freezer phase: Involves pinching fingers repeatedly in the door & whinnying about holding "coldie" food for too long.

- "Climbing chairs/tables/shelves & everything else" phase: Usually involves him finding and eating something he's not supposed to.
- "Emptying kitchen drawers" Phase: Varieties like whacking kitchen utensils on the floor, moving utensils to undesireable locations and of course covering the surface of utensils with saliva, are popular.
- "Trying to act like he's the boss" Phase: Always a winner with the big boys. They don't call it LONG suffering for nothing!- "Begging with puppy dog noises" phase: Works best when he sits on my foot with his head thrown back as far as it can go & a positively pathetic look of extreme hunger on his face.
Will I ever make time for posting recipes, I MUST.......bear with me....


Lil said...

He's So cute! Can't believe you manage to keep up with 5 more super cute kids AND make such amazing meals. Super mom anyone?

Kari said...

I agree with you on that Lil.
He's so cute!
Love you Al'!

Nina said...

Hey, remember when Trav was in that stage & we trained Ashley to be the blocker? Every time he'd get out of your rm, she'd race out into the hallway in a flash & get in between him & whatever he was going for that we didn't want him getting into, until one of us cld bring him back into more childproofed surroundings. I bet Trav cld be pretty gd at that w/ Hunny now, if u got him into it!