Wednesday, October 22, 2008

While you're there.....

Maybe it's just me..... but I'm hearing about a lot of pumpkin cooking these days. I implore you to turn your gaze towards this awesome recipe for pumpkin seeds. Now, I know I've claimed certain recipes are 'idiot-cook proof ' but this one would pass even the most extreme idiot cook's test.
Go ahead, find me an idiot & he ( could be a "she") will definitely be able to pull this one off as long as they have 4 simple ingredients:

- Oven
- Pumpkin seeds
- Olive oil
- Salt

I mistakenly gave some of these to my kids & their friends when they were on a feild trip at the aquarium & I was chased around the whole day for "summmore punkin seeeeeds....pleeeease?". But alas they mysteriously disappeared after I fould a dark corner & scarfed them down before I was assulted furthur. Oh, the Power of the mighty Pumpkin Seed!!


Nina said...

It does look idiot-proof. I shall ask Cheri not to throw away the kabocha seeds next time; even if she doesn't feel up to making these, I'm interested enuf that I'd try it myself.

And BTW, thanx 4 the b'day photo collage! My favorite was the one w/ the 5 of'm around the pie, & Ash, Lan, & Trav looking quite deliriously happy about it, heheh! Tell Lani & Ashley I said, "Thank you for the nice birthday messages you wrote! I love you, too!"

Lily said...

Ha! Yeah I know what you mean...Ken Ken came up to me in the aquarium and gave me a pumpkin seed and said "this is for you Lily." I said "thank you what is it?" (it was quite dark down there) and he replied "I dono, some yummy stuff!" and with a chuckle he was off...thought is was so cute ans sweet of him to share his "little prized snack" with was tasty and I made them the next chance I got. Thanks Al I love your blog and check it out often. You are just so cool!