Friday, October 31, 2008


I feel like I've covered a lot of pumpkin this month, Pumpkin soup & pumpkin seeds. I guess it's what happens when your husband comes home with 2 pumpkins & you realize that you still have 2 more in the pantry. Of course we had the ever faithful Maine Pumpkin Bread & I even tried a Dorie Greenspan pumpkin muffin that I'll post the recipe of, soon.

Well, this post is coming from awhile ago but I just thought I'd throw it out there for all the aunties & uncles who like to see pics of the little munchers doing their best to be cooks. This pie took roughly 3 days to complete as I did it one section at a time (I'm kinda busy):

1) Pie dough
2) Rolling out Pie crust & cutting boiling pumpkin
3) Creating pie filling & baking & EATING!!
If any one is interested this is a great pumpkin pie recipe that I posted before (with a pretty gnarly picture, before I discovered the "hot spot" in my oven) But in any case a REALLY good recipe that I highly recommend if you want a baked pumpkin pie. If you want something even lighter than this though try this Pumpkin Chiffon Pie. That one is even lighter.
Enjoy the pics!
Someone was truly pleased with herself for smashing the pumpkin. "Are you ready yeeeeeet?". An essential step to keeping things under control when you cook with kids.....pull out ALL ingredients & utensils before hand. There's no greater surprise than leaving kids alone for 30 sec. and seeing what as yet unknown form of damage they can do to your cooking project. Mixing egg into pumpkin....Travis: "That looks like Ban-tans poo!" Lani: "Trrrraviiiiiiiiiis!"
Adding the honey! Look at Erika's left hand. She always has a hard time keeping it still when she tries to consecrate on doing something w/ her right hand.
Mix Mix Mix!! between chunks of pumpkin we were bribing him with. Actually I think he's crying cuz' his sweater is the color of "Ban-tan Poo", I mean, Pumpkin!Now for the cream & spices. Oooh, look whose the serious chef!
Ryan mixes like a pro!
Now for filling the pieWow, that kinda hurts your eyes to look at! Lets have a smile, please! And a little of the LO pumpkin on a cracker to appease the hard working chefs. It's into the oven we go!
Travis: "Mommmmmmy, why can't we eat it NOW?"Mommy: "Because when it's done it won't look like baby poo!" And it's a wrap! We ate it at room temp and it was great. Even better the next morning cold with some hot Macha-ole. (But don't tell the kids!)


Lei said...

THAT was my favorite post. Not sure why, but it just made me happy.

Nina said...

Hahahaha! Siigh!! Loved this post; it was almost like watching a hm video! My fave pix r those that u included the dialogue for: Lan's reaction to Trav's description of the pie mix, & Trav's reaction to your explanation of why it needed to be baked. Priceless!