Sunday, October 12, 2008

German Chocolate Cake

This is the cake Lani wanted for her 11th birthday. Just so you can get what kind of caliber kid she is, she wanted it because it's her Grandpa's favorite cake. (for real!) What a sweetie!

I've been using this German Chocolate Cake recipe from the last several times I made it and used this Icing recipe with very good success.
The drizzling of the chocolate down the sides just was the clincher for me. It looks like one of those "big bang" cakes that just happened when you took some flour/chocolate/coconut & walnuts & just threw them together & have a goopy wonderful mess of chewy buttery frosting & chocolate delight.

I don't make this cake very often as it's pretty pricy & time consuming but the result is VERY rewarding. And in case you ever are a couple notes:

- Use Butter in both recipes.....soooo much better than margarine. (or at the very least, in the icing)
- Cut down the sugar to 1 1/2 c not 2 in the cake, and down to 2/3 a cup in the icing
- Cut a round stencil of wax paper to put on the bottom of the baking pans for easeir removal.
- Toast the nuts & coconut flakes before making the icing.
- Also, Evaporated milk is hard to find in Japan but take NO substitutes (you'd find it in the creamer/coffee section of the supermarket)
- Pecans are near impossible to find (at a reasonable price) so walnuts work pretty well instead.

Well, short & sweet.

OK....Alright now, stop licking the screen & go eat something healthy!

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Nina said...

I hv to agree w/ u re: that chocolate down the sides - I think it was the 1st time I had it like that, & it was deluxe!! Was very happy I still had some to enjoy the next day; good stuff!