Saturday, October 11, 2008

Muncher's Big Day?

The 12th is the last of our October birthdays. And it's Mr. Muncher's 1st. As you can see, ever since he was a wee embryo we have been in conflict over his name. He spent the first 9 months as "Bob". Bob the baby/Bob the Ganster/Bob the builder & what have you.... and now his list of nicknames is endless & changing on a daily basis. To give you an idea:

Hunter Bunter
Handsome Bansome
Hanse Banse
Ranse Banse

I do hope you'll agree with me. He is a Handsome bandsome little Muncher!

I have to add, that he is officially a daddy's boy! Daddy takes him for his favorite times of day, to the park & outings & puts him to bed at night. It's great

It's true, I've gone & done it, bought a 200Y piece of (blankity-blank) cake & will let the 2 oldest girls decorate it. It's come to that! Well, it should be fun & I leave it in their fretting hands. They claimed they would stay up late tonight scheming about what colors to make the icing & what design to put on it. ha ha! This should be fun!

Well, brain fried tonight. Hope to have some good old fashion 1st birthday pics coming soon.



Junior said...

I am trying your muffins, except I am doing them with pears and with raisins, and with slightly more sugar then you used. I think over all it looks like an excellent recipe and I can't wait to see how they tastes. So far all the things from here that I tried have been very tasty, really I am craving sweet baked goods now, sigh.

ditzydevil said...

I think he's the most different looking of all your children! Such a darling little man.

nina said...

Seems like time really flew w/ this kid! Hey, can u post a vid clip of Hunny's 1st b'day cake rampage if at all possible?

Babylove said...

Hey Jr. Glad to hear you're trying it. Maaaan, if I would've thought of it I would've used pears. SOunds good.

Ry: He is a funny kid. My Libra Man child!