Monday, October 20, 2008

What'll it Be?

With Thanksgiving & Christmas closing in fast, lemmie know what kind of recipes you'd like to see up here. Nothing worse for holiday cooking than browsing around trying to find a new recipe at the last minute, and worse yet, actually TRYING it! I guess that's why I stand by my "old reliables". Though I've discovered some pretty nifty little new favorites that I'll be adding for sure.

Or (as my dear Daddio would say) we could just all "sit on a rock & eat hard boiled eggs".


ditzydevil said...

could i just visit you for Christmas dinner?? please oh please.

Junior said...

Me thinks that whatever you make is good so just go ahead and post some cool stuff like you always do. I think I would like to grow in the baking area so if you have any easy to bake cakes that would be super duper.

Aich said...

I agree with Junior, anything you post (with photos of course) looks just scrumptious. But with Christmas and New Years coming up, just for old times sake, I have to make at least one'll also make Gene's year...Eggnog? Onegai?