Friday, October 03, 2008

A Friendship Galette of Science!

Yesterday, I made a impromptu rustic handy-dandy galette for a friendly friend named Flo-jo. From start to finish in 30 min. flat. That's not to take away from the vast amounts of love I put into it. Of course the fact that I had a pre-made ball of pie dough in the fridge was a help. (The other half was used for a pumpkin pie episode w/ the kids)

See, DH was getting ready to do some shopping & swing by her place. So upon remembering you, dear Flo, I dashed to the kitchen to think of the best way to make you something yummola. I hope you liked it & I hope it won’t put you off to know that I followed absolutely NO recipe to make it. It was a total random act of cooking spontaneity, but it was loving spontaneity. (that makes it better doesn’t it?) For anyone who would dare to try it, it went like this:

Grab the dough from the fridge roll it out nice & round like with a handy-dandy rolling pin, on some wax paper. (Because we always have pie dough just sitting in our fridges don't we?)
Poke a couple holes in w/ a fork. Ransack the cupboard for canned fruit, since anything fresh was devoured 2 days ago..…..ok, only one can of pears & a can of peaches, well, that'll have to do. Slice them, throw in 2 tbsp of granulated sugar & 2 tbsp flour, a few shakes of salt, 1 tsp cinn, ½ tsp cardamom, ¼ tsp cloves (no nutmeg in the spice shelf today), grate up about 1 tsp orange peel & 1 tsp lemon juice, & approx 2 tbsp reserved pear juice from the can. Ward off nosey children that are desperate to know what the cooking project is for. Explain to them about "Friendship Pies". Console them that they are still your "friend", but just aren't going to get any pie!

Throw it all on the pie crust, feel good about yourself for a are on the verge of either something great or something really retarded. fold over the sides nice & “rustic” like! Try not to despair if it looks like your last play dough project. Throw it in the oven at 200c for 20 min. And……try not to panic as you imagine it flattening out completely & looking like some large misshapen fruit filled cookie. Well...........what do you know. Lookie there, not half bad! Brush one egg yolk mixed w/ one tbsp of water over the crust to give it a shine!

I’m sorry, I could barely contain myself I thought maybe I could get away with breaking off a huge chunk of it & hope you'd think that was just part of the whole "rustic" style . I’m a sucker for pie crust. Really, it's an addiction....(I'm ashamed) times I'm tempted to do away with the filling all together & just make a pie full of, well, crust.

I was curious of how it tasted, I have a feeling it was pretty good cuz’ some of the filling came out the side & it was great. Cardamom sorta sneaks up on you & has a great spice that kicks in as an aftertaste.

Well, I guess, that’s all I have to say about that! G'night Friend!


Shigeru said...

Happy Birthday?! I think I'm at least close right? Getting old and my memory's failing :)

Florence said...

Al! You are holy beyond words, and worthy of many worshipful thoughts. I have deliberately been aiming my praise time at you lately and I imagine your days have been extremely blessed and blissful as a result of all the positive thought-power. You are wonderful!!! It was the best pie I have ever tasted, and the ONLY eatable thing that I got for my birthday (besides some slices of cheese...) You thrill me to no end, and I am forever your slave of love.

Babylove said...

Tx Shiggs, yes it was the 5th.

Flo-jo, woah, that's a lot of positivity to be throwing at me. I'm really glad you liked it though. I was afraid you'd see it & think it was some sort of crazy housewife experiment. Anyway, I vow we shall still have you for dinner. (that is to say, "over" for dinner)