Thursday, September 04, 2008

And, it's open season on Birthdays!

Happy Birthday Ryan!At the beginning of every month from Sept to Jan there is a birthday in our family, except for October where there are 3. We are armed with loads of candles, whip cream & wrapping paper.

All that's left to be done is to decide on the kind of cake & the decoration on top. I try to stear away from themes that will get a little complicated like: a star wars battle scene, Blues, Joe & Steve all sitting on the thinking chair, or other such darring exploits. I usually help with the decision making process.

"So, you can have a flower, or a smily face"

It's pretty basic, really. Somehow we also started trying to slip in a few of the birthday person's "favorites" into dinner. So tonight for Ryan it will be:

Teriyaki Chicken
Ninjin & Gobo Kimpira

and of course.........................furofuki daikon. This is probobly Ryan's all time favorite food....ever!

So, Here's to my first begotten son, and to the exhausting day that he was born.
Memo to mothers to be: get your exercise BEFORE you have a 4 kg baby lodged in uncomfortable places, and then don't be alarmed when he has a 'lop-sided-cone-head' and is terribly unattractive. He might just pan out eventually.


Nina said...

Didn't Trav weigh more? I remember when u brought Ryan home that night; I woke up & Josh said, "Here, u wanna see the new baby?" & I was about to start "Aww"ing when he pulled the baby blanket off his head & I just kinda sat there speechless for a minute, haha! And Josh goes, "Meet Cone-head!"

Those are absolutely beautiful pix of him, BTW; wish u wld upload the one of him under the blue playground equipment, normal size tho' (or send it to me :D) so I can see it bigger.

Kari said...

Oh so adorable!
I have to show these to Chia. :)

Mary said...

Ryan is soooo your cutest kid, he's sooo cute!!!!

Junior said...

You make very cute babies. All of them are good looking.

Jesse said...

Oh. Happy birthday Ryan!