Saturday, September 27, 2008

And it's that time of year!

That's right I will be Birthday-ing soon & since I've been asked by teeming masses of concerned readers (approx 1 person) to give them an idea of what to get me, I figure....let's go all out. Some of my best birthday gifts have been foodie items. Odd or rare spices & ingr. etc...I hold them all close to my heart.
PS. Don't get me the Kitchenaid mixer or I might feel indebted to cook for you for life! Let me keep the commentary to a minimum as we sigh longingly & gaze upon these heart-warming pictures!
Cast iron skillet
Reggino Parmigano
Kitchenaid stand mixer

Fresh or frozen cranberries

Hey, don't mock my Gorgonzola
Iron Dutch oven. Le creuset rocks!
Microplane grater!

Good qual whetstone for sharpening
Whole nutmeg seeds

....or just an E-card would be fine!!


Elaina said...

You mean you wouldn't be happy with Craisins??!

A very little joke.

Babylove said...

My my, Aren't you just the joker, Elaina!!

Junior said...

I don't get it, Eliana. Was it funny enough to explain it to me? Convicting, I guess I need to sharpen my knives. But my arm is really powerful so I don't really see the need for it, until some one fills in for me and I feel bad for them and it convicts me.

Babylove said...

Jr, just refering to my big problem w/ craisins for a long time ever since a disaster cooking exp. with it.

I understand why your knives are not sharp, Jr!! I take it back, I'm sure you could do just fine w/ a dull one. ha!

Junior said...

Not really if you are cutting meat then you feel the difference for sure. But it is rare indeed that i have meat to work with. I usually use chicken and some times wart hog and some times fish and in those cases a dull one does just fine I suppose.

nina said...

Warthog is... not... meat?

Happy Birthday, Ali; hope u enjoy the pears thoroughly, Sis! Maybe do some pear dishes you've always wanted to, or just eat'm however u please! Wish I was in better health so I cld stay to enact my original b'day plan, but Jesus knows.

Had lots of fun at the party, but nothing cld beat the hilariously possessive look on your face when u grabbed those pears & in that near-Golum voice proclaimed, "They're mine! ALL mine!!" :D I love u!