Saturday, September 27, 2008

Won't quit my day job!

Just to remind myself why I'm not posting more about cooking!

For possibly only one hot French lady whose interested here's the new school set up!
I moved the school room downstairs before we started school again, they were always doing school around the DR table anyway. Turned the "school" table for better lighting. Note the neat stacks of school books that have been corrected the night before by "dog tired mom" awaiting "eager" students. Also note, Travis' new "handsome-bandsome-boxer-briefs" that somehow snuck their way onto the table because his old ones were not so "tightey" and not so "whitey".And we moved the terrifyingly heavy school shelf with all the books in the whole house on it, but the good news is the kids do a lot more reading in their spare time instead of pulling out all the toys in the house. The DR table is OFF limits for school as certain evil-doers feel inspired to poke holes, color, paint & otherwise destroy the table cloth.Note that Travis makes no pretense of not relishing writing practice.This is Hunter, he does not go to school yet! But he seems to always find inventive new ways to freak me out. (here he has ran away upstairs and is about to empty the contents of the garbage onto his head while blindly walking towards the stairs)Here is my hopelessly ambidextrous daughter. First the right hand....And then the left

And, that's a wrap!!


Kari said...

Nice set up Al. I love the pic of Hunter gallivanting towards the stairwell with a garbage can helmet. Great shot!

Mark said...

Such wonderful kids. Gotta luv them.

Florence said...

Hahahahahahaha...that's me laughing at the picture of Hunter on the staircase. You're so rich, Al.

Nina said...

That shot of Hunny-the-trashcan-head is as priceless as it is terrifying! Sorry to hear Trav has a trial about writing practice; I'll PFH. But as far as Erika's ambidexterity, u should be proud! I'm sure it'll come in handy, even if u prefer she only use her right hand.

I don't know how u do it, Ali, but u do an amazing job, & every time I think about it, it awes me!! Don't u let any thing (or one) discourage u about how you're raising your children; you're putting your heart & soul into it & it shows!

Tell Lan, Ash & Ry that I love them so much & I'm also proud of them for applying themselves & studying so faithfully. Those pics of their school-time - they look like model students! Give Trav, Cuz, & Hunny hugs & kisses from me, too.

aika said...

awe your kids are gorgeous, wish there were more pictures of them here, but then theres always the facebook.