Saturday, September 20, 2008

I need a FIX....

Nothing says comfort food to me like instant Ramen. Real ramen is great & one of my most favoritist eats when I’m out but every once in awhile I get a terrible craving for instant ramen. You know, that total & utterly processed MSG laden instant ramen that you can make in 5 min flat and then woof down, slurping as loud as you can while sweating it out in front of the fan on a hot muggy day. Look I’ll show you:

This is my all time favorite ramen. (It’s a Korean brand, see) But ever since we got a box full donated to us, I really went nuts for it. As you can see from the label it’s “chooo karai”….ohhh…baby! Dump the artificial powdered soup in the bowl & start a saucepan of water boiling

Dump that glob of freeze dried noodles in the water

Mustn’t forget your eggie, (Oh, brother…this is making me hungry)

Don’t over boil cuz’ that’s yucky yucky yucky.
Now pour your water first

.......& noodles into the bowl of granulated MSG & flavor enhansers. (Whatever you do DO NOT break your egg yolk or your lamen experience will be marred beyond repair.)

See, now! That yolk is really just screaming to be broken & slurped up with a steamy bite of noodles.Oops, gotta add the fake negi & shitake mushrooms.

Deki Agari.

Slurp away, and have a good day!


Kari said...

Wow, Josh lets you eat that? :)

Aich said...

Oh wow this post calls out to me! About once every few months I crave one like there's no tomorrow and it's just the nicest feeling in the world eating one (3 times this pregnancy, and each time it was just unforgettable). It's funny, though, the rest of the time I'm not into it at all. It's that drug, that MSG! Sooo yummy!

Shigeru said...

Pssh! I load up the blog to see REAL food, not something I can make (and do!) in 5 minutes!

Seriously tho, this is right on par with my occasional McDonald's raids... all that healthy food is just toooooo healthy. Must attack the body on occasion to stay strong?

Babylove said...

Kari, of course he doesn't approve but then again he's the potato chip king.

Aich, ajinomoto rules supreme.

And Shiggs....psssh nothing, if I could make it McD in 5 min & back I'd do it!

Mary said...

Hey Al, Vesna gave me some of the chai you made for her..
I'm interested in how you make it

Babylove said...

Hey Mary. Rough estimate it was a mix of 1/4 c loose earl grey & 1 3 cm. cinn stick, 6-7 whole cloves, 6-7 whole cardamom pods, 1/4 tsp cracked black pepper, 3 ripped bay leaves & 1/2 tsp nutmeg. I really like cardamom so I think I might put too much in. :)

I think this could be one of the grooviest prezzies to give someone, in a cleaned & groovy jar etc.. I'm ashamed to say I looove doing the 'home made' prezzies thing.

Did Josh every pass on the jalapenios to you that I gave him? Did anyone eat them? Curious!

ditzydevil said...

YAY!!! i found a recipe here that i just might be able to do!! So very loving of you to post a recipe that's on par with my level of cooking!
next time i make this ill say, "yeah, this is me experimenting something i found on Als blog." And it will impress people for sure!!!

Babylove said...'re mocking me aren't you!! Tsk tsk tsk!! I stand by my ramen, I will not be moved!

Mary said...

TX! Yours was really yummy..
Is that a 13cm cinnamon stick? that's kind of long(?) Do you cut it up or anything?
Yes, Josh gave me the jalapenos (TX), and no, no one ate them yet. They are still in the fridge.
The only way I've ever eaten those are in salsa, but we don't really have the stuff to make salsa soo..still thinking, haha

Babylove said...

ha, Mary. I looked at my comment now it does look like 13cm. It was supposed to be one 3 cm long stick. That would be a real find though wouldn't it. Yeah, you break up the stick. And also give the cardamom pods a wack with a meat clever or something heavy so you can get the seeds just a little bruised. If I get more cardamom I'll try to send you some.

Mary said...

OH! I get it now! One 3 cm stick (duhh). Now I feel stupid. I kept re-reading it thinking, "ok, is that 1/3 or 13; either way it doesn't make sense".

Joan misses real ramen said...

man, no matter how many times I tell ppl here in mexico that "you never put a raw egg AND BEAT IT with the ramen!!!" they think its the "real japanese way" of eating ramen even if it looks like puke.

...hokayy, WEIRD!!

ditzydevil said...

Al, i would never mock you. honestly.
cuz i like you. aaand cuz you seem tougher than me.