Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lookie at My Kitchen!!

Ivan & Kari & the princesses came to visit for 2 ½ fun filled days. The kids had a great blasty blast swimming/playing/eating cake that would have stained their clothes forever (if it hadn’t been for miracle spray & wash), we ate yummy meals (with all the trimmings) and the grown ups drank a beer or two and 3 times as much coffee & espresso. And then just when you didn’t think it could get any better I wake up on the morning that they are leaving & my monstrous pile of clean laundry is folded & my kitchen is so clean you could eat out of the sink drain. Kari had cleaned my kitchen/laundry/house (God knows what else) the night before.

Look at that? Does the sheer cleanliness not just blind your eyes? Lookie, even cookie bear looks like he's happy to be squeaky clean & my 6 piggie chefs are neatly placed on the ultra clean window sill instead of huddled together like their in some clandestine evil piggy chef gang. Isn't it just too good to be true? Yes, my friends, I may not ever use this kitchen ever again to keep it in it’s pristine state of excessive hygienic bliss.

So, Kari, thanks a heap. If I ever forget what my kitchen's supposed to look like I'll be sure to scroll down & be motivated to have you over again......(juuuuust kidding) I'll get my cleaning get up on & get to work. And I expect a full & glowing report on your cooking assignments.

PS. Yes, that is indeed an alarming picture of me. I look like I had 3 espressos too many. Actually, sadly, I make that face all the time..........(of course, I do) right before DH leaves the house with all the kids for an afternoon at the park.


Kari said...

Happy come over and do it all again anytime Al' (with uber strong espresso and all)
Thanks for a great visit.

象さん said...

Popping in.
Can you please send that friend here?!

ditzydevil said...

strangely i thought you were a cleanfreak...
i wonder where i got that idea.

nina said...

That's a classic pic of u, Ali!
And Kari, that's one spic-n-span kitchen; so sweet!