Sunday, September 14, 2008

Autumn Reigns Supreme

Hurrah for the Harvest months.

The most comments ever received on this blog happened after I posted a batch of Japanese summer food pictures. I don't know why but it struck a chord big time for some people. So I figured I'd put up a few more pics to celebrate this next season.

I've got to be honest & say my blogging time has been curtailed sharply since school started and any of you home schooling moms know what that means. I'm afraid I may not be able to get many posts up. Any requests for recipes would be welcome. I'm actually hoping to get some Christmas posts prepared before the season as I generally become inundated with Turkey/eggnog/stuffing how to phone calls at all hours of the day. Stay ahead of the game, mate! ........but till then the best I can do is a few autumn pics to brighten your cool autumn day. Nashi (when my Grandpa comes to visit us from the States he always buys nashi in abundance, his favorite fruit)
Yaki-imo. Did you know that this was first sold as an aphrodisiac for older ladies? Woo-hoo!!

I loooove kaki still sweet but with a little crunch left!
Shimeji is one of my favorite mushrooms.
Oooooh, these babies are so luscious & sweet. Peel off or on!
Pumpkin pie here we come!
Kuri. Greatest memories of my dad coming home with a paper bag of roasted chestnut for us girls to crack open.

In Japan autumn is the season of abundance in the foodie world. All the best of the fruits & vegetables & fish. It is really THE season of food. It's true! The other night when I made simmered pumpkin with spices like: ginger, nutmeg, cloves & cinnamon, I swear I could almost smell a flaky buttery pie crust by association. Ti's the season for cobblers, pies & baked goodies!! What's your favorite autumn food?


susan said...

"Any requests for recipes would be welcome."

Do you have a good recipie for brownies that does not involve cooking chocolate. as in chocolate bars? cuz that's kinda hard to come by here. or can you substitute cocoa powder for the chocolate?

and if you had any nice cookie recipies that would be lovely too...

Thank you so much for sharing your recipies with the rest of us. you're wonderful! GBY!

nina said...

Ah, yes, the freshly roasted kuri had to be my favorite treat of all the snacks Dad would bring home when we were little, altho' they kinda hurt my fingers trying to get'm open. I think I actually liked yakiimo b/c of how it tastes like kuri.

crazynik said...

and I miss you hun.
Man I remember the days when kabocha was a staple in my diet. I haven't had it in years. And kakis and nashis too. sigh

Florence said...

Nashis are the shiznit. Juicy and crunchy and everything that it is nice to have in the mouth.

Dossy and Bossy said...

Like Niki, I miss kabocha. They just don't have them's weird. They have these awful gourd "y" things that are quite bitter, squash, and the pumpkins are not sweet like kabocha. Weep.