Sunday, August 31, 2008

Salad Fix: Apple, Cucumber & Shiso

I do love this salad. I think I learned it from my slightly eccentric neighbor who was always cooking up a storm & insisting that come over & eat with her. But I loved it & have been making it for the last 7 yrs.

Ao-shiso is one of my favorite Japanese herbs. It's called Beefsteak in English (I have no idea why) but it's got a light, fresh & clean taste. It goes great with everything from salads, dressings, to onigiri, tempura & sushi. It's so pretty too for garnish. Better fresh than cooked and grows like a weed with very little care. And you ought to if you like it cuz' they sure charge for it at the store. Don't mistake it for red shiso which is mainly used in making umeboshi.

So hopefully this salad can speak for itself. Grate the cucumber, Salt with a few pinches & leave for about 5 min. then squeeze by handfuls to drain the liquid. I like doing that part, (this is a much used Japanese way of making quick pickles, the cucumber will keep the salt so don't overdo it with the salt) add sliced apples (keep the peel for color) & about 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar (or rice vinegar) a tbsp of granulated sugar or honey (if you're so inclined) chop the shiso & mix thoroughly & that's it. You may want to adjust the taste according to your preference. Nothing to it! I think this goes great with a light summer meal like, dashi maki, sushi, tofu etc..

Gosh, that looks good.

PS: this doesn't keep too well in the fridge so better try to pawn it off in one sitting. Maan, this is making me want to eat cucumber & wakame salad too, or moyashi & wakame...ooh....or daikon & wakame......hey....and there's that new korean one I found with Daikon & carrot....OK, that one I HAVE to post. (yeah right, school is starting in few days, I'll be lucky if I can make myself instant coffee) Catch you later!

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nina said...

Oh, our dear Yoko-san & her cats! She was a great cook when it came to Japanese cuisine, GBH. And that salad was a great combination!