Friday, August 01, 2008

Party Prep...

The Butter in "Lemon Butter"
Muzzle not the Ox that maketh the Tiramisu
Dressing for the Midevil Capon Salad
The Chicken (not capon)
Vanilla Beeeeeeeeean custard for Trifle

I tell you experimenting on guests couldn't have been more fun, because they aren't my guests really & I won't be there to see whether they like it or not. :) Ciao!


ang said...

Alisa, You are one amazing cook.

Mark said...

I do miss that cooking Al. You are the best no doubt!!

Junior said...

Those baked goods look very good. I really liked the design. Next time a cake needs decoration I think that one will be the design of choice.

Nina said...

And just so u know... all the guests loved it! There was a line of human traffic leading all the way thru' the genkan, out the door, & half-way into the front yard, b/c the diningrm was so full of ppl swarming around the buffet table, haha!