Friday, August 22, 2008

Thanks Aimee!

Here is the Christening of the new muffin tin. Happened to be a hasty morning corn muffin making, but who cares! They were great & slipped right out of the baking tray" nice & neat" like. Anyway, I sure do appriciate it. Hope you & the girlies can come again. Erika still talks about Kiki being her "big girl friend". Give us a ring if you're around the area! Thanks again! Those were some GIANT muffins!


象さん said...

Well finally worked out me identity. Hi Alisa! Jodie here. Nice muffins, we've just been doing pineapple flavoured. Your ones came really good out of the tin!
Nice blog, will have to come back and try something out!

Anonymous said...

You're welcome Al,
It was fun seeing you all.
The muffins sure look good.
Lv you All.

nina said...

Corn muffins! YUM!!