Sunday, August 03, 2008


Well....I wasn't. I just dropped my art & ran home to make dinner! Now my kitchen is short on, all my serving dishes & glassware/baking pans & ice cooler! But at least I have space in my fridge

Chala, I'm still going to quiz you later to make sure you ate what I made.

I hope you got eat "Big Bill's" Nina, thanks for helping with the kids here.

Here are some more snippets & I hope to put up a salad recipe or two later. That's right! I shall remain true to my word. Lets all live on salad & ice cream till autumn comes to rescue us. And Elaina, now that my freezer is open I shall take you up on that ice cream. BELIEVE IT!!


Tell me you like the pattern, Elaina??? I thought of you!

NO, it's not a mayonnaise cake.

Trifle for the Brits!!

And it's a wrap for now!!


Elaina said...

Thanks for the title Al, that just made me laugh so hard!!!

Argh, I want a nice cold piece of Big Bill!
I really do approve of your tattooed tiramisu.
And that trifle looks a trifle edible. It looks like it could reconcile me with trifles in general.
(discreet ahem)
I'm still waiting to hear all about the ice-cream, kay? Do it!

Nina said...

I did get a piece of Big Bill's; unfortunately they put it out last of all the desserts, so I was already stuffed by then, otherwise I'm sure I would've enjoyed it more! I will say that it tasted nothing remotely similar to the gooey-carrot-cake-of-oozing-vegetable-oil of days gone by; I thot it was quite nice & coconutty. I also got a couple comments from ppl who especially enjoyed the Lemon Chiffon cake, mayo & all (heehee, J/K, it doesn't even look like mayo in the pic)!

And really? You're going to do the ice-cream? With the chocolate-covered salt?? Can you do it when I come visit???

susan said...

i totally love your blog! great recipies!!
just a couple questions if you have the time...
is there any substitutes for whipping cream?
what's the difference between baking powder and baking soda? can you use one in place of the other?

ditzydevil said...

ALISA!! all your cakes and cold icecreams are giving me trials!!! I should've dropped by your place on my birthday! sniff.
I'm still having trials thinking about that perfectly purple delicious looking thing in that last picture.

babylove said...

Susan: thanks for the compliments. I guess it depends on what you're using the whipcream for. Baking soda is a much more "simple" rising agent & it has a tangier taste so it's usually not used where the taste can be covered up but Baking powder is a mixture of baking soda & cream of tartar, so it's a bit milder. I think it goes like this, you can use b. powder in place of b. soda but you shouldn't use b. soda in place of b. powder. That's about as much as I know!

Nina: Tx for the compliments & enouragement. I'm glad to know it went over good.

Elaina: It just get's funnnier ever time I read the title. Esp. since Josh keeps saying it now. ha ha! Funny stuff. Sounds like the name of my biography!

Ryan: That last picture is Trifle. A uper-British loving dessert. Layers of cake dipped in sherry, with some kind of fruit perserves, then a custard fruit (and do it all again) topped with cream, slivered almonds & fruit. It's actually pretty good.