Saturday, August 16, 2008

Salad fix: Coleslaw

Coleslaw! When I was a kid I couldn't stand it, now I love it. There was a moving conversion involving a pregnancy & a KFC craving. OK, so this is all pretty standard stuff, but I've done it enough time to toy with the mayo mix to get it the way I like it which is a little more vinegary & of course, sweeter.

The pics speak for themselves, I hope.

Our Veggies! Chop chop!! Don't forget to get rid of those huge, really thick cabbage stems. Cut it Smmmmmaaall! No, smaller than that.....really small.
Yeah, there you go!
Grate the carrots not your fingers please. And now for the mayo-mix. Here are the ingr. Mayo (duh), honey, salt, apple cider vinegar & nutmeg
These are pretty rough estimates but I'd say about 1 c of Mayo, 3 tbsp vinegar, 3 tbsp honey, 1/2 tsp nutmeg & a few pinches of salt. Blend Blend!

And of course raisins go on just before serving unless you like those bloated soggy raisins, I don't!

Every once in awhile I use dried cranberries, which are even better (I think) cuz' they are more tart than raisins.

BTW @ 83% of my kids love coleslaw.

Happy Lunchy-munchie

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nina said...

You do make a great coleslaw -- even if it does hv mayonnaise in it. ;)