Friday, July 25, 2008

SUMMER equals SALAD! --- Miso Mayo Dip!

What I wouldn't give for a Greek Salad w/ Feta Cheese!!!

Well, I’ve been delinquent in posting any recipes these days. Busy summer days & bouts of flu going around didn’t help. Hunter-bunter got Rosiolla, and I got to hug him & hold him for 3 loooong sweaty feverish days. Ewwww. Thank God he's better now!

Summer is not such a kitchen friendly season but someone’s gotta make food. Even if the food is eaten cool, usually it’s got to be heated first to get that way. Right?

I’ve got a catering event coming up & will be working on desserts & some side dishes for a party of 100+. Can you say “FLEXIBLE BUDGET”? I plan on trying a few new things & a few old favorites. Anyone know how to deal with a crown pork ribs roast?

What do you first think of when you think of summer food? I think of salad! Salad, Salad & more Salad! I was never really a fanatic per-se. But thanks to my fanatical S.O. we have spawned a brood of leafy-green munching offspring. I love that you can be forgiven for putting nearly anything in a salad, from eggs, tuna, beans or meats, to fruits, herbs, oils, spices, crumbs, breads, chesses and on & on & on the list goes.

I hope to celebrate the art of salad & dressings over the summer & I promise to stay away from any more coconut recipes.
So since I'm lazy here's a simple "Lunchie-munchie" for you.

I first tasted a miso-mayo dip when someone gave me a taste of a combini carrot & kyuri dip. (You know those plastic cup shaped container with a little dip tray on top costing 220Y or something extravagant like that.)

So this is my staple carrot/cucumber/celery dip and it goes like this:

Measurements are total blatant estimates as I never measure, just taste & adjust

Mayo (1 c)
3 tbsp light miso
2 tbsp sweet chili sauce (Thai type)
Salt & freshly ground pepper
Tobanjan (1/4 tsp, or more depending on your spiciness level)
ignore the honey in the picture, it has nothing to do with the recipe.
PLOP-PLOP!MIX-MIX!!As you can see the mayo I had to work with was a little…eww.....watery, but usually when you whip it up it’s pretty thick. This dip is terribly popular with kids. You know…..a little carrots on your plate of dip.
So that's it! And remember, double dipping is uncool! Happy Lunch!


Junior said...

That just looks really yummy! Can I go to your place for a visit?

The Princesses said...

Scrum! This stuff is great, although I was doubtful at first, consider me a convert. :)

Elaina said...

Preach it about the double dipping!

And I also must say that it fills me with glee to see you touting mayo! Hahaha!

Elaina said...
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babylove said...

Jr. come on over!! I'm sure my kids would run your ragged and then you could cook for ME! Nya ha ha!!

Kari, I figured that miso & mayo is a pretty staple Japanese dip, no?

Elaina: Making a dip with mayo is not the same thing as "touting" it. But if I may let you in on a little "secret" I've been waiting to do a post on the famous "penguin chicken" for awhile now. I don't make it often but the kids LOoooove it & Vesna nearly strangled me for the recipe. (of course, why wouldn't she...being married to Mr. Mayo):)

Nina said...

Lovely looking salad. It's a wonderful thing when children like vegetables.

Anonymous said...

hey al, since you love baking, i was wondering if u want a muffin/cupcake baking dish. i bought a big one only to find out it didn't fit in my tiny excuse for an oven/microwave. if u want it email me at we might visit michaels sometime soon we could drop it off there.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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