Thursday, July 09, 2009

A Wedding to Remember

I had a grand ol' time at a wedding this week. One of those once in a blue moon things since the last wedding I was at was my own about 7 years ago. I had a great time though it took a long time to sort out those mixed feelings of guilt & slight awkwardness of not having anyone to hold. So if you happened to see the disheveled lady rocking her purse to sleep or chasing kids around saying, "Lemmie hold you!"....yeah, that was me.

I was genuinely impressed with the thought, planning & detail that Ken & Tacha put into their wedding considering they are a LOK family. Case in point: At the first dance I mentioned to someone that if they broke out in a choreographed song & dance I'd be forever impressed. And sure enough they did. And THAT was entertainment. Good job you two!

So here are a few pics. I was determined to not just take pics but see it from my 'real eyes'.

Did my sister's make up in a hot room full of hot ladies.

These adorable cousins were dolling each other up too. Awww......

The bride/groom & family. Their two youngest put the room in an uproar when the walked up the aisle so perfectly holding have to understand people, the littlest one is like...1 foot tall.

Good musicAnd good food.

My latest sister-in-law also happens to be a professional quality caterer. I had the pleasure of having her work her skills at our last Christmas dinner. I tried to help out in the kitchen a bit & was kinda worried I was gonna put my unwanted "rustic" spin (AKA: flying food & 'healthy' plops of whipped cream) on the food unless I slowed down & got that same zen calmness she had.

I don't know if she chose the menu but whomever did, did an excellent job. It was considerate of the time of year, the food was light, simple, mess free, & full of variety & color.

I love to learn new things from other cooks & I am positively impressed by Yosh's style, efficiancy & calmness throughout the ordeal. At no point was their too little food, and the plates just seemed to keep coming with not repeats but new items. Food was served in small enough portions, & plated beautifully. Good stuff.

I mean seriously, now? Pregnant? Limited time & budget? Directing cooking for more than 100? With only a few extra hands? She might kill me for saying this but if you're gonna get married & need a know who I'M recommending. Nuff said!

Gosh & that cake was adorable too. As far as I understand Tasha designed it & Marie Claire put it together. Talk about brave. To be honest if someone asked me to do a wedding cake I'd probably do like St. Peter & deny I ever knew how to decorate.

And though the cake itself was a bit heavy I got some to take home (Tx Josh) & had me a rockin' black Italian coffee with a slice of Disaronno soaked wedding cake. (It's little wonder I drank 3 cups of coffee yesterday, eh-hum)
My party crashin' nephew Dilly-boy. (who quite literally got crashed into & ended up being doused with soda from head to toe) The boy will grow to be a warrior, or a contemporary dancer.
And 3 of the 5 sistahz!

That's it on the pics...but ovenless/blenderless recipes comin' your way soon.


Florence said...

Yosh did indeed do a bang-up job. I was indeed impressed. I'll have you know, that although my skills in the culinary arts department are more "minus" than anything else, I have small amounts of class, and I know classy food when I have it in my mouth.
And Al, I said it once, but I'll say it again--you are the fiercest lady I know. You look like you could go on stage as is and start singing and dancing something like Lady Gaga. Sigh.

Ryan said...

Awww! That last picture is my favorite picture I've seen so far from the wedding!!!

and the food looks superb! Posh always was a perfectionist in the kitchen...
or anywhere for that matter.

Yosh said...

Aww, that is one awesome compliment Al. I love your rustic spin on food and those crispy carrots :). Mas thinks you're an extremely stylish woman. I'm a little jealous...

The.Walrus said...

A beautiful day full of beautiful people.