Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Random Stuffies!

I have realized something & I hope you'll lend me your inner ear. This blog has become quite the skeletal blog of cooking and not even hopping with many new recipes. Furthermore it contains close to zero snippets of pointless personal information. Is this an area worth cultivating? Probably not, but since I'm feeling beat -- in no particular order & for no particular reason, here are a few things that you probably didn't need to know:

- I watched some of Jamie Oliver for the first time yesterday (Gasp!! Shock). And in a moment of honesty I must say that I don't really care what a man looks like, when I watch a guy do a controlled dance of slicing, mixing, kneading, & flipping & "talking shop" at a kitchen counter....my heart has been stolen out from underneath my apron. I fear if a man could cook like that for me I might just keel over & elope presently.

- My 1 year old son's only mathematical word is "9". So my kids have taken to bombarding him with ridiculous questions like: "How old will Erika be in 6 years?", "What's 3 squared?", "How many times does 9 go into 81?", and everyone predictably cheers when he magically comes up with the right answer. And he's pleased to be the perpetual genius. Except for when you ask him his age.

- I can't seem to remember the last time I bought Mascara. I know it's awful but I have a SIL who keeps me supplied with a healthy dose and she seems to always have more (I would too with lashes like hers). Unfortunately with the turning of a new leaf (aka "there's no reason to look like a tired ol' mom just cuz' you are one") I realized I was getting stys like crazy in the course of a month and finally ended up with a small chalazion on my eyelid. Ewww....Panic attack. Hoping it'll just go away & not leave me looking like the Elephant Lady. And YEEEEAH, you don't have to tell me what I am now VERY aware of --- Apparently someone wasn't exactly listening when they talked about not using other ppl's mascara or old mascara. This AM I just threw away all 6 of mine. My fav being the Lancome Hypnose & Estee Lauder MagnaScopic. It's time to do a little shopping.

- My Sistah is coming next month just to spice things up tells me she's not eating sugar, white flour or dairy products. Dang!! Do you hear that...................that is the sound of my very small brain trying to figure out what on earth I should cook for dinner when she comes.

- If you are still reading this post I feel I should also add that if there is anything I love about cooking, it's being shown something new in the kitchen, told I'm doing something wrong, given a new idea or recipe.
Basically, I love the feeling of being a "beginner". I love it when someone says, "What, you haven't ever made ____?" or "Is that how you do it?......Interesting (translation: bizarre)!" Call this coincidence but the most feedback I get seem to be from the lovely Aussie ladies (or residing in Aussie ladies) who dish out ideas suggestions & snickers at the wrong way I do thing. Nothing more attractive....keep it comin'.

Well that's it folksies. Crank that noisy fan up to full blast & kick back & hopefully I'll have some good foodie talk next time around.



Lisa said...

WE want food, we want food! Do tell me what you come up with for AMy's dietary requirements, I'm suppossed to be following a similuar diet, but it just seems so uninspiring.

Ryan said...

Best thing i read all week.

win said...

ooh scary about the chalazion! I think that's what Layla had as a toddler, & her eyelid is slightly scarred from it. But hers was HUUUGE! Well, hope it's better, & keep up the blog. I am enjoying your updates.

Babylove said...

Lisa: hey why don't YOU give me ideas, I'm about ready to give up on the whole thing & just feed her potatoes the whole time she's here. :)

Ry: Aww, TX

Win: How'd Leila's go away? Mine's not very noticeable but annoying me like crazy. Tx 4 the props

Nina said...

That's so cute about the #9 craze, & so sweet that the other kids take such pains to think up Qs that make him sound like a genius. Reminds me of when Ken was into the "8 meters" measurement, & all the fun we had asking him ridiculous Qs to get his predictable response!