Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer Snippet: Frozen Bananananana

Call me immature but I always in the back of my tiny brain I couldn't quite conceive of eating bananas frozen --- as is! Somehow it seemed like some kind of pre-schooler project with a name like "frozen-banana-monkey-doo-surprise-of-science"!

But upon the death of my Bauer blender (God rest his tired motor) I had a slew of frozen zip-locked bananas. So my in a moment of genius (and you know I'm saying that with a massive tablespoon of sarcasm because I'm sure that everyone who has freezers and bananas has probably already discovered this when they were preschoolers) -- I found that the kids would devour twice as many bananas when I'd just cutm' up & throw them in a bowl. But then again they'd have to break out singing an U.Ken/Masa song "I like banana's cuz' they have no bones" (song starts at 1:28)

Of course when DH took the kids out to play & I was alone (nya ha ha) I decided it was time to break out the Sundae Syrup (yes, that chemical laden stuff that's sure to give us brain cancer)

.......And by golly it was fantastic. I AM A BELIVER! And if you can feeeeel the spirit I think you'll be a believer tooooo!

PS. Though I vouch wholy for this snack, I equally vouch for the horrificness of having your kid drop a few of these frozen banana bombs under their chair & then getting to step on one later when it's desinagrated to a pile of mush under a puddle of juicey business.
(just thought I should leave you with that visual to keep you on your toes!!)


Kari said...

Ooh, I vouch for this snack too! It's a great way to use up boxes of bananas that would otherwise rot. After all, there is only so much baking one can do in this weather.

Lookie here what I found:

Kari said...

Last but not least here's a recipe that makes one dreamy to just think about... all that rum & coconut.

Babylove said...

Tx kari, I'll checkm out soon