Friday, July 10, 2009

Pioneer Woman's Corn Fritters

If you're a regular here you'll know already that breakfast is my favorite meal to expend energy on. And on this blessed day of days I happened to score some great blueberries for ultra-reasonable. Berry season is upon us, glory be!!

But today's real showstopper goes to these dudes.....

Behold the Corn Fritters!

Now now, I know what you're going to say & before you start pelting me with streaming toilet paper rolls -- my 13 followers -- bear in mind the state of confusion that I am presently experiencing.

(Tune up the cello & violins) Everything that I've known & loved about cooking has been yanked out from underneath me. My oven is gone. My blender of 4 years has broken. Even my handy wooden spoon has split down the middle & had to be thrown out. I've found that I'm neither a kitchen genius nor am I skilled at using a frying pan or grill. I'm finding myself seriously wandering around my kitchen a little lost for ideas. I'm a mess & YES, I'm resorting to deep frying, and first thing in the morning no less. But before you lash out I want you to try to whip up some of these babies.

The recipe is from my ever favorite, albeit slightly overly indulgent in the good things dept, Pioneer Woman. If nothing else her food photography is fantastic.

And you'll find the recipe here.

You can prepare the batter the night before & then slap it together in the morning. And to be frank & dreadfully honest, I think I ate 1/2 of these babies before the kids ever came down for breakfast.
PS. Any great food ideas are more than welcome. Do your part to save me from myself & my vat of deep frying oil.


Elaina said...

First the oven, then the blender, now the wooden spoon broke??!! THE wooden spoon???

Oh, Al, it never rains at all, only pours. Lamentation upon lamentation!!

I feel your pain. Only corn fritters will soothe me.

Lil said...

Hey at least your kids aren't growing up on toast and eggs or the super variant - peanut butter on bread every morning without fail 365 days of the year..or the rare special french toast/pancake breakfast or the very very special granola!!...They get fritters! Who gets fritters at all muchless for breakkie!

BladeMaster said...

sorry about all the kitchen losses, I know the feeling of wandering in a new kitchen trying to be creative and come up with something that i would want to eat. Yeah so rock on corn frits.

Nina said...

Corn fritters!! Waaa, natsukashii! Those r definitely worth the occasional swim in vats of boiling trans fats, haha!

As for ideas... I thot u had a grilling cookbook? If not, we must hv 2 of'm, & will gladly give u yours back!