Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer snippits: Pesto/Mayo

Hey Ya'll! Are you feelin' the heat like I'm feeling the heat? Seems like summer suddenly ran up behind us & dumped a bucket of warm jello on us.

If there's anything that surmises the way I feel about summer meals there are two words: COLD/FAST

If you can't get in & out of the kitchen in under an hour you may as well forget it. Words like, "gentle simmer", "deep fry" and God forbid, "stir for 1 hr on high heat" are phrases that shall be banished from this blog for the next 2 months.

And being the busy soul that I am I'm gonna have to settle for keeping this blog alive with short snippets & ideas for easy, fast, occasional "cheat", but most of all COLD summer food items. (Note I say "food ITEMS" because I'm feeling so lazy that I may not even get around to posting an actual complete recipe)

Today's quicky: Pesto & Mayo

What's in it you say?

Let's think--- ah yes.....Pesto & Mayo.

I would put about 2 tbsp pesto to 1/2 a c. of mayo but to each his own. And frankly, I never measure anyway, so I just made that up on the fly!

There's no sandwich that couldn't stand a little of this (except perhap PB & J) no, veggies that wouldn't be proud to have it as a dip. A cold pototo salad would definetly be dressed up, and what a riot you'd have serving a dollop on crackers with cheese. (Like, literal your living room, (esp if there was a McNair) scratch the cheese, just serve the crackers & pesto. Passable as a dip for grilled or bbq'd fish or chicken. And if you really want a good cheat throw in a little vinegar & water to thin it out & call it salad dressing. Voila! Pat yourself on the sweaty back, you're a culinary genius!

I've covered Pesto previously & extolled it's virtues in with a rather suspicious devotion that may not refect well on my (eh-hum) priorities in life. Aaanyway, I've descovered the perfection (out of necessity) of pesto made with a morter & pestle. I even made a whole jar full for the lovely Ken & Tacha. I do hope it was enjoyed. As the story goes, "Long time smashing basil leaves and splatting self with green oil --- Part of gift!"

Well, that's all folkies. Enjoy your cool summer night!


Anonymous said...

hey I couldn't find the post about focaccia bread on your blog... :( could you help me find it?

Babylove said...

Oh sorry, mercy on further inspection I found that I didn't actually put one up. Fairly straightforward recipe I'll try to give it to you soon.

Lisa said...

I'm wondering what would happen should you make the mayo with the pesto oil?? I'm thinking I may try this. Herbs are just so expensive, to go crushing up loads of them. BTW Bar mix ) should be on your wish list if your making things like pesto. As Caleb remined me, christmas is only 180 days away.