Sunday, May 10, 2009

Proof of life...there's a point (wait for it)

So, thanks to my DH & self sufficient gang of "naughties", tonight I've given leave & been marching around old stomping grounds (like places I hung out when I was 11) with a beer in one hand & a permanent smirk affixed to my face & honestly I can't help but wonder what all the fuss is about "Mother's Day".

I hope it's not offensive to say, I always get a little creeped out by corny poems & flowery business as the primary way to express affection for one's mother. Doesn't it kinda send the wrong signals? Are you supposed to like poems & flowers when you become a mother? Similar to when you go to a maternity clothing store & see hidious knee length dresses in ugly pokadot patterns. Does being pregnant suddenly give you a raging desire to wear the ugliest clothes ever?? I'm hoping this is just a "Japan" thing.

As for me, I'm perfectly happy with a night off and a good beer or two.

OK, so point being this. As far as I'm concerned mother's day should (in my opinion) be renamed "Universal Belly Button Day"! Yeah, you heard it here first. Spread it like wild fire.

I mean, really what is a belly button but proof that some lady somewhere was in pain for you. And no matter what your relationship to that lady might be presently....I think anyone who goes through something like that for you deserves their own "day", don't you think?

So take a moment if you will to pull up your shirt & take a look at that funky looking thing probably need to clean out a little lint anyway. Chances are if you have have a mother and if nothing else take a moment to contemplate what kind of crazy person would grunt out something like you? You & I both know, only your mama would!

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