Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Cleanse (Ease in Day 1 & 2)

So...the time has better time than the present

I personally find it easier to just jump into things that are unpleasant & just get it over with. (Case in point: Poo diapers! Why let it simmer while you get up the know?)

Apparently, though it seems to be easier to sorta slide into giving your digestive system a break instead of doing that "last supper" routine where you gorge yourself on your favorite Jumbo cup lamen wash it down with a tall beer or two & your favorite crunch munchie snack from the 100Y store. Thus the term "ease in". Which frankly still gives me a bit of the heebies....but whatever.

In case you're into this sort of thing, a lurker, a faithful follower (bless your gullible hearts) or you naughties who simply wanna see me crack like a watermelon over this. I'll try to put up a little something about each day.

Ease in Day 1:

This was basically a vegan diet for a day, raw fruits & veggies. Not bad because I had a lot of variety due to DH's shopping the day before. Bad news was he happened to be feeling in the mood to bring home a load of snackies. I wonder how much of a problem it's going to be to see them in the cupboard everyday & a couple of chu-hi's in the fridge.

To be honest, I had a NASSSTY head ache nearly all day but since I'm pretty sure it's from not drinking any coffee I just ignored it all together. I deliberately made a massive salad & ate to my hearts content but making dinner wasn't as easy as easy as I thought it would be honestly. I'm in the habit of being very generous with the term "TESTING" the food. I think it could border on grazing. And when I'm spaced out my right hand doesn't seem to know that my left hand is about to pop a piece of dinner in my mouth.

Ease in Day 2:

Today I'm just drinking 3 l of orange/grapefruit juice & as much water as I want. It's actually quite interesting that I think I can already tell the difference between hunger in my stomach & craving in my soul. Unfortunately there seems to be more of the latter. But as long as my stomach is full it's not too bad. Being in the kitchen is actually not that bad since I make myself look at cooking pretty scientifically, each item of food is just an object needed to complete the process.

Thankfully I only had a hint of a headache today & feel a lot less hopeless feeling than yesterday. Tomorrow is Day 1 on the 'real deal' & I'm actually feeling quite positive about it.

That's it for now.....catch me if I don't shrivel up into a little lemon tomorrow! Ciao

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Vesna said...

Wow Al, this is going to be really interesting!I hope you're going to manage being alone with your kids! I'm sure you're going to start feeling very light headed and not quite "there" after the first few days. I'm definitely going to be following your progress everyday as it sounds like an interesting thing to try out.