Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Cleanse (Day 5 & 6)

Day 5: Nothing really spectacular, feeling a bit better, getting the hang of this & feel like I've been doing it forever. Frankly I'm on a bit of a high, I'm spaced out & a bit tired half the day but on the flip side I don't have the energy to get cranky.

Strange & possibly horrible happening today, the coffee my husband made today smelled very very bad for some reason, no longer that aromatic attraction seducing my nasal cavity --- somehow it just smelled wrong.

After looking at how long it's going to take to get back to eating "normal" food again, I think I'm gonna call it quits tomorrow. I've got to start packing in earnest for our coming move. I'll need to back out the same way I got into this. By going back to freshly squeezed juice for 2 days & then wrapping up day 2 with a vegetable soup. (I'm scheming already)

Day 6: Good thing I'm stopping tomorrow because I'm out of lemons & frankly don't have the energy to get up & go walking in the rain for some more. The girls came home from Camp tonight & their energy level is making my lack of it painfully obvious.

Today I made cookies with the kids (to give to my friendly friends who took Mr 3# for a few days). This must've been the first time I've done it without snitching. Seemed odd, but then....really....all cookie batter practically tastes the same, doesn't it?

Did my last SWF tonight....Glory be! I feel the pain of some of my sibs who suffer from IBS. You poor poor things! I lova lova you!

As you can see my ability to post a string of intelligent sentences is slipping quickly from my grasp so I'm just gonna bail & see you when I'm a "normal" again!

3 Cheers for Detoxing!!!

(a tinsy part of me just can't wait to drink beer & see how cheap of a drunk I'll be NOW!!)


crazynik said... for the cheap drunk, it only took me two small glasses of wine to make me literally pass out after the cleanse. I'm proud of you hun!! xx

chara said...

I'm proud of you too, Al my "hun"!! hehe.
We HAVE to go visit you all before you move...

chara said...

Oh yeah! The cookies were aaaaawesome!!!! And there were exactly 25! Aren't we so proud of Ken now too!

Nina said...

The cookies were terrific, thanx! ...& I'm sure glad u made it thru' the cleanse (was PFY when I never heard back about it). Did it actually reset your taste buds & make u lose all cravings for junk food? Curious to know the after-effects!