Monday, May 25, 2009

The Cleanse Day 1 & 2 (Lemonade time)

Day 1: Today wasn't as hard as I expected. Frankly it might be the "morbid" factor of me but I was mighty curious about how the Salt water flush (SWF) would go so I did it in the morning. Piece of cake....well....not really. Worst part is chugging a whole liter of salt water but now I know what they mean when they say drinking ocean water will make you sick. :) Any one living near the beach want a clean digestive tract you know where to go.

Most trying moments...dealing with left over food & feeding the little guys. I have come to realize I am the human garbage disposal any food that needs to be taken care of automatically ends up being eaten by me.

Day 2: I feel like the impulsive "hunger" is leaving though I can't believe how distinct each food's aroma is to me. One whiff & I can systematically categorize the memory of taste, texture & palette of that one piece of food. When I get through with this I know I'm going to savor each bite of food so much slower.

I'm starting to notice that I'm suffering from that syndrome that has no name but strikes me often when I'm preggo.....SPACE CASE BRAIN FREEZE -- I think it's called? Forgetting basic words has caused one too many incomplete incoherent sentences.

Physically, I feel OK but a bit slow & tired for sure. But I'm taking into account that I'm not drinking any coffee & home alone with 6 kids & trying to help my 3 oldest get ready for camp & staying over at friends -- what did I expect.

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Nina said...

Whoa, respect, Ali. Quitting coffee was excruciating for me. Basically it was only the knowledge that as long as I kept up the habit I wld suffer intense migraines on top of any illness where I didn't feel up to drinking coffee, that made me bite the bullet, but at least I was still eating. Don't know if I cld hv stood it if I had to fast & live on lemonade & seawater at the same time I was quitting the coffee drinking. :P